Woodland Mage (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)

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Woodland Mage[edit]

Some wizards learn their trade in the depths of the woodland, and gain several abilities tying them to the natural world.

Class: Wizard

Level: All

Replaces: Summon Familiar, Scribe Scroll, Wizard bonus feats

Benefit: You gain an animal companion(As Druid, level for determining bonuses for your animal companion=your druid level(if any)+one half your wizard level+your ranger level-3(minimum 0))

Handle Animal is a Wizard class skill for you.

You have the Druid spell list in addition to your Wizard spell list. When you prepare your Wizard spells, you can also prepare a number of Druid spells equal to your wisdom modifier(minimum 1). You can prepare Druid spells up to a level equal to your highest level wizard spell. You can't prepare more than 1 Druid spell per level, but you can prepare a lower-level spell in a higher-level bonus Druid spell slot. You don't gain Druid spontaneous casting, but you can prepare Druid spells in your Wizard spell slots. For Druid spells gained from this class feature, you take spell failure penalty from armor(but not with regular Druid spells).

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