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Wolf Knight[edit]

Hailing from a far land with the great forest you and your clanmates worked vigorously. From protecting your home from unwanted enemies, or going out and taking out the larger threats. You worked together. You have formed bonds, allies, and friends with almost everyone in your clan, and they will help you if need be. But you were set out to help those from other lands and perhaps create a new pack and clan to help those around and keep the values of your former clan alive. Those who are too weak will be killed so as not to bog down the herd, for the wolf is a creature of nature and her laws of survival.

The wolf knight is a warrior who embodies the traits of the wolf animal. Unlike an animal totem barbarian, they are known for having strict codes more akin to that of knights than tribal law. Their coordination in groups encompasses their strongest strengths. Some organizations modeled after such behavior may call themselves wolf knights. Consider your character's origin in relation to this. Were they raised in such an organization? How did they fare with others? While teamwork is the pinnacle, some wolf knights fall short and are ultimately lone wolves.

Skill Proficiencies: Intimidation, Perception

Equipment: Small banner of your pack, set of common clothes, a trinket like an amulet or emblem with a wolf symbol, and a pouch of 25 gold pieces.

Wolf Knight Type[edit]

What type of Wolf Knight are you for the pack? These are effectively tiers in a wolf knights "pack." But no matter what, there is a need for all roles to function.

d4 Specialization
1 Alpha
2 Sentinel
3 Freelancer
4 Enforcer of Law

Feature: Wolf Whisperer[edit]

You can speak to wolves, and when they respond, you can understand them. They will not be hostile towards you or your party, and will temporarily treat you as the alpha of their pack until you give them a reason to retaliate against you. This form of communication is not a language, and you can communicate simple ideas to wolves, as they will not have the ability to understand more eloquent and flowery concepts.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Wolf knights tend to be team players. Some go above and beyond in the chivalry department, while others are hardcore soldiers.

d6 Personality Trait
1 I fight honorably and for the pack.
2 I feel responsible for the protection of the pack and leaders.
3 I can't get rid of the images of my fallen comrades.
4 I will treat others with respect and kindness
5 I have a good sense of humor
6 I will live as a soldier and I will die as a soldier
d6 Ideal
1 I'm a Soldier, not a Monster:I will follow orders along as it doesn't have me hurt innocents (Lawful)
2 Savior: I will protect and save innocent lives(Good)
3 Good Soldiers follow orders... right?: Orders are orders, I have to follow them. (Neutral)
4 Pack: My family, my friends, or my pack are all that matter (Any)
5 Willing to do anything: If innocents must die in order for us to win then so be it (Evil)
6 Monster: innocent or not, if they aren't with us they're dead (Chaotic)
d6 Bond
1 My Family and comrades are what keeps me going to protect the pack
2 My comrades are family and will die for them if needed
3 I respect my Alpha as he respects us
4 My family ancestors inspired me to become the best warrior
5 Failing means failing my pack... I will not fail
6 I fight for the pack, my family, and those who are innocent
d6 Flaw
1 I will never surrender, I will die before dishonor
2 I can't forget my fallen comrades... I need some more draught of dreamless sleep
3 I must not be in a relationship in order make the pack my priority
4 I will never forgive enemies, even if they are no longer my enemy
5 I am a better soldier than anyone, I'll prove it
6 I don't care about the consequences, I will never let them win.

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