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  1. The Witcher

There will always, always be darkness. And in that darkness there will always be Evil, in that darkness there will always be fangs and claws, murder and blood. There will always be things that go bump in the night. And we, Witchers, are the ones who will bump back.

A human stalks through the night, cat eyes shining in the darkened forest. All is silent save for the gentle tapping of his medallion against his chest. At the sound of an otherworldly howl, he dodges out of the way, narrowly avoiding the cavernous maw of a werewolf.

A tiefling whirls his gleaming sword about his head before bringing it down before him, hacking a griffin’s wing from its body. Blood and feathers fly as he nimbly carves his way up the side of the beast before finally splitting its head in two.

A half-orc thrusts his hand toward the pack of undead shambling toward him. With a short sign, a wave of fire explodes forth, followed by him cleaving a path through them with his shining sword. The last thing they see is his face, veined from the potions he took, a branching mass of death.

All of these fighters are Witchers, the ideal being for killing monsters. Mutated by the Trial of the Grasses, trained in swordplay, and well versed in nearly every type of monster, they are more than equipped to handle being pitted against whatever goes bump in the night. They fill a necessary niche in the homeland of their craft, killing monsters for those plagued by them, and have taken their services to a new land, only to find a continent with bounties ripe for the taking.

      1. Specialized Killers

Witchers are trained in small batches, usually consisting of ten to fifteen kids, the vast majority of which don’t survive the training. They usually die to monsters, but even fewer survive the infamous Trial of the Grasses, the final part of the process, in which the subject is subjected to toxic chemicals which, in addition to making them infertile, mutate them into something more than human, something that is both the evil they face and the silver they banish it with. The majority of witchers carry two swords with them. Silver for monsters, steel for humans.

      1. Witcher Code

Despite the many differences between individual witchers, such as school, personal differences, and general worldview, one thing that unites all of them is the witcher’s code; the idea that a witcher doesn’t work for free. They’re not selfless heroes, they’re businessmen who provide an invaluable service to the community, and if there’s no gold to be had, there’s no witcher to be found. Although they hunt the demons that plague the people, they are hated and feared for their unnatural appearance, a constant reminder of the evils that lurk in the world. You will never find a witcher working a guard post for a fort, they are restless creatures, migrating across great distances, taking contracts as they go, and moving.

``` ```

      1. Creating a Witcher

When creating your Witcher, think about how your character views the world as a result of your training. Do they view them as an ultimate evil, that thay are on a crusade against? Or do they view them as feral creatures, unable of understanding the evil they perform, simply following their nature? Also, consider your Witchers emotions. As a result of your trials, your emotions have been stunted, but they are still there. Finally, consider the circumstances surrounding your induction to the Witcher caste. More often than not, most children don't get a choice when they are chosen. Orphans are often taken, and there are rumors that some children are abducted. Your parents might have given you away because they didn't have enough food, or you might have run to them seeking adventure. Think about this and how it impacts your view of humanity. **The Witcher spell casting ability is Wisdom.** So you will want to pick Wisdom and Dexterity as your highest ability scores.

      1. Witcher Signs

Signs are a form of limited spellcasting used by Witchers specifically for weakening and trapping monsters. Readied Signs from your Sign list can be swapped out per long rest.

          1. Aard

A sign that summons telekenetic energy to manipulate objects or stagger enemies.

          1. Igni

A sign that directs a fiery blast into your prey for high damage effects.

          1. Yrden

A sign that forms magical glyphs to trap or weaken creatures.

          1. Quen

A sign that forms a ward of protection for the wielder.

          1. Axii

A sign that aims to cripple creatures telepathically.

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          1. The Witcher

| Level | Proficiency Bonus | Features | Cantrips Known | Readied Signs | 1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | |:---:|:---:|:---|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:| | 1st | +2 | Witcher Trials, Witcher Pendant and Beastiary, Signs | 2 | 1 | 1 | - | - | - | 2nd | +2 | Fighting Style | 3 | 2 | 2 | - | - | - | | 3rd | +2 | Witcher School, Witcher Alchemy| 5 | 3 | 2 | - | - | - | | 4th | +2 | Ability Score Improvement | 5 | 3 | 3 | - | - | - | | 5th | +3 | Extra Attack | 5 | 4 | 3 | - | - | - | | 6th | +3 | Fear Immune|5 | 4 | 3 | - | - | - | | 7th | +3 | Witcher School Feature | 5 | 4 | 4 | 2 | - | - | | 8th | +3 | Ability Score Improvement | 5 | 5 | 4 | 2 | - | - | | 9th | +4 | Enhanced Witcher Alchemy | 5 | 5 | 4 | 2 | - | - | | 10th | +4 | -------------------------------| 5 | 6 | 4 | 3 | - | - | | 11th | +4 | Witcher School Feature | 5 | 7 | 4 | 3 | - | - | | 12th | +4 | Ability Score Improvement | 5| 7 | 4 | 3 | - | - | | 13th | +5 | -------------------------------| 5 | 8 | 4 | 3 | 2 | - | | 14th | +5 | Witcher School Feature | 5 | 8 | 4 | 3 | 2 | - | | 15th | +5 | Toxic Blood | 5 | 8 | 4 | 3 | 2 | - | | 16th | +5 | Ability Score Improvement | 5 | 9 | 4 | 3 | 3 | - | | 17th | +6 | Wicked Mind | 5 | 9 | 4 | 3 | 3 | - | | 18th | +6 | Witcher School Feature | 5 | 9 | 4 | 3 | 3 | - | | 19th | +6 | Ability Score Improvement | 5 | 9 | 4 | 3 | 3 | 3 | | 20th | +6 | Evil is Evil, It's all the Same| 5 | 10 | 4 | 3 | 3 | 3 |

          1. Cantrips

- Prestidigitation (Aard) - Firebolt (Igni) - Glyph Trap (Yrden) - Blade Ward (Quen) - Mind Sliver (Axii)

          1. 1st Level

- Thunderwave (Aard) - Burning Hands (Igni) - Snare (Yrden) - Shield (Quen) - Charm Person (Axii)

          1. 2nd Level

- Gust of Wind (Aard) - Aganazzar's Scorcher (Igni) - Earthbind (Yrden) - Mind Spike (Axii)

          1. 3rd Level

- Pulse Wave (Aard) - Detonate (Igni) - Glyph of Warding (Yrden) - Magic Circle (Quen)

          1. 4th Level

- Utter Immolation (Igni) - Resilient Sphere (Quen) - Dominate Beast (Axii)


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    1. Class Features

As a Witcher you gain the following features.

        1. Hit Points

___ - **Hit Dice:** 1d10 per Witcher level - **Hit Points at 1st Level:** 10 + your Constitution modifier - **Hit Points at Higher Levels:** 1d10 (or 6) + your Constitution modifier per Witcher level after 1st

        1. Proficiencies

___ - **Armor:** Light and Medium Armor - **Weapons:** Simple weapons, Longswords, Greatswords, Battleaxes, Greataxes, Light and Hand Crossbows - **Tools:** Alchemist kit

___ - **Saving Throws:** Strength and Dexterity - **Skills:** Choose two from Perception, Stealth, Investigation, Survival, Acrobatics, Athletics, Insight, or Intimidation.

        1. Equipment

You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background: - *(a)* Leather or (b) Scale Mail - *(a)* Silvered and a Normal Longsword or a Silvered and a Normal Greatsword or (b) Silvered and a Normal Battleaxe or a Silvered and a Normal Greataxe - (a) Light Crossbow and 20 bolts or (b) 20 Throwing Knives - Alchemist kit - Witchers Medallion and Bestiary

        1. The Trial of Grasses

During the Trial of the Grasses, your body underwent amazing and horrifying mutations leaving you sterile, but granting you the following starting at level 1:

•You gain Darkvision, if your race did not already possess ```

Darkvision, up to 60 ft.

•Plus 10 movement speed

•Cannot be surprised

•Resistance to poison damage, Immune to disease and cannot die of old age

        1. Witcher Pendant

All Witchers have a pendant in the shape of the symbol of their Witcher school, as well as a Witchers Bestiary. While wearing said pendant, it vibrates if a magical creature or object is within 100 feet. If a Witcher has not chosen their school yet, the pendant is a blank circular ornament.

        1. Beastiary

The Beastiary is a Witcher's personal journal of monsters he has hunted and killed in the past. As a Witcher, if you eleminate a non-humanoid monster or undead creature, you can spend a short rest recording your hunt. Once recorded, if you ever face a creature of the same type, you have advantage on all saving throws against that creature, you can also spend an action within combat to read your journal and know all of that species resistances, weaknessess, and magical capabilities. Furthermore, you have advantage on perception and investigation checks when tracking creatures within your beastiary.

``` ```

    1. Fighting Style

At 2nd level, you adopt a style of fighting as your specialty. Choose one of the following options. You can’t take a Fighting Style option more than once, even if you later get to choose again.

        1. Defense

While you are wearing armor, you gain a +1 bonus to AC.

        1. Dueling

When you are wielding a melee weapon in one hand and no other weapons, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls with that weapon.

        1. Great Weapon Fighting

When you roll a 1 or 2 on a damage die for an attack you make with a melee weapon that you are wielding with two hands, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll. The weapon must have the two-handed or versatile property for you to gain this benefit.

        1. Two-Weapon Fighting

When you engage in two-weapon fighting, you can add your ability modifier to the damage of the second attack.

    1. Witcher Alchemy

Starting at level 3, you can now use your alchemist's kit to craft specialized Witcher potions and concoctions. These potions are incredibly toxic for non-Witchers. If a non-witcher consumes such a potion, they must make a DC 12 Constitution saving throw. Upon failiure, the creature takes 5d8 poison damage and 10d8 poison damage from enhanced potions. If they succeed they take half. A long rest can be spent gathering the resources to craft 1d4 potions of your choosing. A maximum of 8 potions can be held at once. The Trial of Grasses has given the witcher the ability to endure such poisons to give them enhanced physical abilites. However, even Witchers have their limits. If more than 2 basic potions or 1 enhanced potion are taken within a single day, you gain a level of exhaustion. A potion can be consumed as a bonus action, the effects will not take place until the beginning of your next turn.

        1. Black Blood

Duration: 5 minutes. Your veins pop and your flesh turns pale. You bleed a thick, black substance. Any creature that attacks with claws, Bite or Beak, or any undead that attacks without a spell or weapon, takes 1d8 poison damage upon dealing damage to the witcher.

Enhanced: At level 9, the damage is increased to 2d8 and any creature afflicted by your normal Black Blood potion must make a constitution saving throw versus your Constitution modifier + Proficiency Bonus + 8. On a failed saving throw, they are subjected to the poisoned condition and take 1d4 damage at the end of their turn for 1d4 turns. Damage does not stack.


        1. Elixer of the Cat

Duration: 30 minutes. You are now one with the darkness. Upon consumption, your irises cover the white in your eyes. Your darkvision extends to 120ft. You also gain the ability to see through magical darkness. Furthermore, you have advantage on perception and investigation checks while in the darkness while also receiving disadvantage of such checks in brightly lit areas.

        1. Killer Whale

Duration: 5 minutes. Witchers often must chase beasts who reside in the depths. Upon consumption, your heart slows, your chest grows, and you are capable of holding your breathe for an extended period of time. Even within the heat of battle. Enhanced: At level 9, the duration extends to 10 minutes and you gain advantage on perception checks underwater.

        1. Swallow

Duration: 1d4 turns. Even Witcher's need to lick their wounds. Upon concumption, your muscles bolster and your injuries heal at an enhanced rate, healing 1d6 + your Constitution modifier per round of combat.

Enhanced: At level 9, The potion heals 2d6 + your Constitution modifier.

    1. Witcher School

Starting at level 3, Witchers decide what school they want to follow. Each school offers a variety of different skills. There are six schools to choose from: The School of the Wolf, Cat, Viper, Bear, Griffin and Manticore. Your Witcher school grants abilities at 7th, 11th, 14th and 18th level.

      1. School of the Wolf

Witchers of the School of the Wolf excel in the hunt. They are resilient predators. Exceptional at tracking down and striking their prey with vicious ferocity, allowing them to defeat enemies much larger than them. When choosing this school at level 3, you gain the ability to pounce on your prey with an effective strike when they least expect it. You have advantage on Initiative roles and have the chance to stun your enemy with your first strike when they cannot see you or are occupied by another creature. Any creature you pounce on must make a dexterity saving throw against 8 + your proficiency bonus + your dexterity modifier. Upon failiure, they are stunned until the beginning of your next turn. If they succeed, nothing happens, and your position is revealed.

        1. Dire Wolf's Hide

Starting at level 7, you have become more resilient to natures elements. You gain +1 AC, immune to freezing temperatures, and resistance to cold damage.

        1. Lone Wolf

Starting at level 11, you have become accustomed fighting against unspeakable odds on your own. You gain the whirlwind attack. You can use your action to make a melee attack against any number of creatures within 5 feet of you, with a separate attack roll for each target. ``` ```

        1. Show Your Fangs

Starting at level 14, the number of your victims is obvious by your intimidating presence. You can use your action to frighten someone with your menacing presence. When you do so, choose one creature that you can see within 30 feet of you. If the creature can see or hear you, it must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw (DC equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier) or be frightened of you until the end of your next turn. On subsequent turns, you can use your action to extend the duration of this effect on the frightened creature until the end of your next turn. This effect ends if the creature ends its turn out of line of sight or more than 60 feet away from you.

If the creature succeeds on its saving throw, you can't use this feature on that creature again for 24 hours.

        1. Enhanced Pounce

Starting at level 18, you have become the ultimate predator through the art of the wolf. Along with the previous effects, your pounce, on a failed saved, forces your prey to fall prone and they take 6d8 bludgeoning damage. If they succeed, they take half damage and remain standing.

    1. Ability Score Improvement

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th, and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

    1. Extra Attack

Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

    1. Fear Immune

Starting at level 6, you have experienced enough in your life as a Witcher and through the Trial of Grasses to never fear what challenge lies in front of you. You are immune to being frightened by any means.

    1. Enhanced Witcher Alchemy

Starting at level 9, your alchemical genius has hit the maximum. You are capable of crafting even more potent, enhanced potions. The greater the potency, the greater the effect, the greater the risk. You can also choose to convert a long rest to a short rest in favor of crafting up to 2d4 potions.


    1. Toxic Blood

Starting at level 15, your body has become even more accustomed to the toxins that run through your veins. There is no limit to the amount of basic Witcher potions taken per day and can consume two enhanced potions in a single day before suffering a level of exhaustion. You are also immune to poison damage.

    1. Wicked Mind

Starting at level 17, through your experince in infiltrating the minds of mighty creatures, your own mind has become a fortress. Through your skill in Axii, you are immune to being charmed. Furthermore, if a creature attempts to infiltrate your mind through psychic means, they themselves must make a Wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC. Upon failiure, the creature recieves 4d6 psychic damage. If they succeed, nothing happens.

    1. Evil is Evil, It's All The Same

Upon reaching level 20, you have become the ultimate slayer of evil. Your constant studying of your bestiary, examining these stories and aftermath of monsters throughout the world, and facing them in battle have taught you the nature of evil without succumbing to it yourself. If a creature is of an evil alignment, you can treat them as if they are within your beastiary.


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