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Human-like people with incredibly long life spans, born with unparalleled control over magic.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5’6”-6’2”
Average Weight: 135-220lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Wisdom, +2 Dexterity or Charisma
Size: Medium
Speed: 7 squares
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Elven
Skill Bonuses: +2 Arcana, +2 History
Fey Origin: Your race thrives in a hidden corner of the Feywild, so you have the Fey keyword. You are considered a fey creature for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin.
Angelic Resistance: You have a resistance to necrotic damage and radiant damage equal to a moderate number + one-half your level.
Inner Angel: You may use Wingly True Form as an encounter power.

Wingly True Form Wingly Racial Power
Releasing incredible amounts of magical energy, twin jets of pure magic burst from your shoulder blades, propelling you off the ground, and giving you a holy appearance.
Encounter Star.gif Divine
Move Action Personal
Effect: You jump vertically 20 feet, and may shift 1 square before or after the jump. Until the end of your next turn you may emit bright light out to 4 squares.

The Wingly are a race of angelic beings from the feywilds. Often benevolent, they take a form that rebels the common elf. They were chased to the dark secluded areas of the feywild, as result of losing a multi-specie war known in legend as "The Dragon Campaign". Those who remain now live in small, secular communities, rarely leaving of their own accord, though some with rebellious natures may leave out of distaste for the strict moral codes of the community, and take up life as an adventurer.

Play as a Wingly if you want...

  • To play as one who finds other races inferior.
  • To play as one who has a mastery of arcane abilities
  • To play as someone trying to oppose the will of your people, and work with those once thought to be inferior to you.
  • To play as a race that favors the Avenger, Druid and Ranger classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Winglies are the same basic height and weight as humans, and so can easily be confused with a human at first glance. The main difference outside of the true form is that all winglies have platinum hair and a small pair of wings at the side of their heads. Their eyes show the signs of their true age, changing from a variety of colors to a grey as they age. Winglies can live to ages beyond those of most other races, easily counting centuries as though they were decades. Though there is no known venerable age for winglies, the oldest wingly is recorded to have aged over 11,000 years, the exact year even she does not know.

Playing as a Wingly[edit]

You are part of a proud race, and many of your race see others as inferior. This can lead to an extremely condescending attitude in neutral- and evil-based characters, but leads primarily to pity with good-based characters. Those few winglies who treat other races as equals are often shunned, and sometimes banished from their home in they Feywild. The young can be brash, preferring to charge into battle at full speeds, while older Winglies tend to be slightly more reserved and cautious. However, once insulted, the wingly’s fiery temper will not allow them to back down from a fight.

Wingly Characteristics: Bold, Condescending, Brash, Hot-headed, arrogant, self-righteous

Male Names: Allain, Orwell, Pelo, Toros, Ibin

Female Names: Shallot, Karla, Gertrude, Fiori, Darlene

Wingly Adventurers[edit]

Lloyd, a powerful wingly avenger, though unknown to most humans, had made his life goal to transform the continent of Endiness into a utopian land. In his mission to do so, he inadvertently brought about the harbinger of its demise. Upon realizing his mistake, Lloyd fought the harbinger, and was quickly killed. Through circumstances, however, the world was saved by a group of adventurers who had previously opposed Lloyd from the beginning. The irony is laughable.

Farell is a wingly ranger that has made it her mission to hunt creatures of shadow and aberrant natures. She has joined a group of adventurers if for nothing but to slaughter what she sees as evil in this world. Her conviction is zealous and sometimes uncomfortable to witness due to her savagery. But to her allies, she is aloof and endearingly clueless about things she does not consider priorities.

Eren is a wingly druid who was called to protect the Feywild alongside the other forces of nature against the encroaching threat of the Far Realm. He looks down smugly at elven and wilden allies, but once found himself saved by them. As such, he feels repulsed being in debt to them, and vows to return the favor.

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