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Windrunners are humanoids that have been bleassed by Ehlonna for their survices to nature. Which in turn grants them incressed agility and speed over their non-blessed kin, as well as having certin magical abilitys.

Creating a Windrunner[edit]

Windrunner is an aquired template. Only humaniods and fey can be Windrunners (referred to hereafter as the base creature).

Size and Type[edit]

A windrunner's size is the same as it's base creature, but they do gain the subtype Air


Windrunners are granted incressed speed. Bypedal +10ft, Quadrupedal +15ft and Fly +20ft and perfict maneuverability

Special Qualities[edit]

Can cast Deep Breath and Air Walk 1/day as a spell like ability. Also a Windrunner is considered one size category larger when dealing with strong winds if it is beneficial for them.


+4 Dex


+2 to Balance, Move silently and Jump These are also considered skills native to all Windrunners


Gain Weapon finesse

Challenge Rating[edit]



Up to the DM

Level Adjustment[edit]


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