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Wild Elf Subrace[edit]

A race of barbaric elves, even more reserved then their wood elf cousins. Wild elves live in savage tribes in desolate regions. Wild elves look very similar to humans with the exception that they are a little taller and thinner, but to a casual passer by they may appear to be human. Most wild elves are very non-trusting of other races, and view other elves as having lost their primal elven nature. Wild elves are commonly rangers or other spellcasters. Wild elves do not distrust arcane magic like their wood elf cousins, and often become sorcerers.

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 1.
Fleet Feet. Your base speed becomes 35 feet.
Wild Elf Training. You have proficiency with the spear, scimitar, shortsword, shortbow and longbow. You also gain proficiency with the herbalism kit, as you are well attuned to nature.
Naturally Elusive. You can take the hide action as a bonus action on your turn if you are in an area of natural woodland or grassland.
Timeless Soul. You age as slowly as nature, granting you its longevity. For every century that passes after you reach adulthood, you age only one year. You cannot be aged magically and have advantage on checks to resist the frailty of old age.

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