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Alpha: A proper alpha cares for his/her pack and tries to keep order in the pack. They have final say in major choices, such as who the omega is, who the new alpha is, and how the pack functions. if the pack believes that the Alpha is unfit or cruel, a member may challenge them for the role of alpha. It is up to the winner if the loser is the new omega.

Omega: The Omega is often the one the pack blames when there is a problem. some packs will bully and harm the omega to make themselves feel better. Some Alpha's will place the role of Omega on themselves so that no one else in the pack is hurt, though it is not a very common move, it is one that can often create a lasting friendship between alpha and former omega

Beta: A Beta is like the second in command. They often follow in the footsteps of the alpha or former alpha, in hope that they will be chosen as the next Alpha. However, if the former alpha displayed improper etiquette, the beta may continue to display that behavior even when a new Alpha is chosen. The Alpha may choose to choose a new beta when necessary.

Functions: packs with a proper Alpha and Beta tend to work well together. They help each other out, protect one another, and never leave anyone behind. However, if the Alpha and/or Beta are cruel or unfit, the pack can fall into chaos.

Pups: Pups in a pack are often younger members. They follow example of older members and the Alpha and Beta. They often are with their older brethren, and are often ignored. A good Alpha teaches the pups proper training.

Luna: A Luna is the Alpha's mate and is normally a female. They are often marked by the Alpha, but whether the Luna knows or not depends on the Alpha. Sometimes the Luna can be the secondary alpha or the beta. Alpha's are usually very protective and/or possessive of their Luna

Marking: There are a few ways werewolves can mark a mate. One is biting their neck, which leaves a permanent mark. Another, more secret way, often used by alphas to mark their mates, is that a werewolf can carefully scratch their mates heart line on their palm, which also emits a sense that shows that specific werewolf is taken, but the one who is marked could have no idea. One can also nuzzle their mate under their chin, which leaves the werewolfs scent on them

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