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Weave Seelie Spellknot 1st Level Caster Create Seelie Spellknot -

Weave Seelie Spellknot [Item Creation][edit]

You can weave a Seelie Spellknot, an alternate single-use spell-completion item.
Prerequisite: Spellcaster level 1
Benefit: You can create a Seelie spellknot of any spell that you know. Weaving a spellknot takes one day for each 1,000 gp in its base price. The base price of a spellknot is its spell level x its caster level x 25 gp. To weave a spellknot, you must spend 1/25 of this base price in XP and use up raw materials costing one-half of this base price. Any spellknot that stores a spell with a costly material component or an XP cost also carries a commensurate cost. In addition to the costs derived from the base price, you must expend the material component or pay the XP when weaving the spellknot.
Special: Seelie mages prize sophistication, elegance, and mastery in their magics. Using a spellknot, adding a metamagic feat to a Seelie spellknot than to other spell-storage devices. When figuring the level of a spell with a metamagic feat, consider that the metamagic feat adds one less level than it usually would (to a minimum of zero). Thus, weaving a Spellknot with the Extend Spell feat would not increase the spell's level at all, and even adding the Maximize Spell feat would add three levels, rather than four. If multiple metamagic feats are added, only one metamagic feat may be so affected; so weaving a spell with both Extend Spell and Maximize Spell would add 4 levels to the spell. A Seelie spellknot is woven much like lace, of finely spun fibers of high-quality thread or even fine threads of gold or silver. A Seelie spellknot is a work of art in and of itself, beautiful even to those who cannot recognize the magic trapped within. Upon use of the spellknot, the lace falls apart, and even the threads fall apart to their constituent fibers.
About Seelie Spellknots

A Seelie spellknot is a complex weave of fine multicolored threads, in appearance similar to a length of fine lace, that contains some Seelie spell (much as a scroll does). A spellknot is a spell completion item, so using one is a move-equivalent action that draws an attack of opportunity. Read Magic, or a Spellcraft check meeting a DC of 20 + spell level will determine what spell is woven into the spellknot.


This feat is intended to replace Scribe Scroll, and should not be available to characters with access to Scribe Scroll or any feat intended to replace it. This feat is intended to improve game flavor (along with the other Alternate Item Feats), and in any particular campaign should have some requirement limiting the feat to a particular polity, organization, or race. It is slightly better than Scribe Scroll, this is deliberate and meant to reward players for better integrating their characters with the world mileau. If this is not desired, the metamagic discount can be removed and the feat becomes mechanically identical to Scribe Scroll other than the slightly higher Spellcraft DC to determine an embedded spell.

The DM using this feat may wish to include an Improved Weave Seelie Spellknot, permitting an additional metamagic feat to be included at reduced level adjustment. Such a reduction applies only to a second feat, so that in applying two metamagic feats, each feat would have its level adjustment decreased by one, with a minimum adjustment of 0. Improved Weave Seelie Spellknot would have this feat as a prerequisite, and have a suggested minimum caster level of 5.

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