Weapon Dance (3.5e Monk Fighting Style)

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Weapon Dance[edit]

The monk moves about, weaving their weapons. The fighting style causes the monk to look as though he/she is dancing as they slash their way through their opponents.

Fighting Style Prerequisites: Short blade weapon or bladed fist weapon. (An example would be a shortsword or a dagger)

1st-Level Skill Bonus: Tumble (3 ranks).

1st-Level Feat: Defense Specialization.

2nd-Level Feat: Acrobatic Defense.

6th-Level Feat: Avoidance.

6th-Level Bonus Ability: Blade Spin. The monk crouches and runs at full sprint, keeping their arms close to them slashing all enemies within 5 feet of them as they sprint a straight path. The monk moves fast enough to become a blur and causes all the people around them to lose track of their location.

Ability Prerequisites: Tumble 10 ranks, Dex 16.

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