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Way of the Wind Temples[edit]

Monk Subclass

Monks of the Wind Temples follow a newer outlet for their Ki. For them, movement is itself an art form to be mastered and honed. The masters of hidden misty island temples in the Plane of Air created this practice; But kept it secret for a long time, contrary to its own principles. However, the efforts of one brave student against their peers saw these practices unleashed on an unprepared multiverse, much to the chagrin of its originators. As a result, many who follow this path do so with great peril, knowing that the greedy masters could come down on them at any moment to reclaim their knowledge. Fortunately, the path of winds brings quick escape to those who need it.

Bounding Stomp

Starting when you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you can invoke your Ki to give your jumps lethal force. You can use the attack action or flurry of blows action in midair while jumping. If you hit a creature with an attack in the middle of a jump, you can spend one Ki point to extend the jump by jumping off of the enemy. When you do so, you can change the direction of your jump, but can't jump through a creature's space with this feature (You have to jump on top of them to jump past them). If you don't extend your jump after an attack, your jump ends and you fall, unless you have some way to stay aloft. As normal, you can't jump further than your remaining movement would allow.

Double Jump

When you choose this tradition at level 3, you learn how to harness your Ki to empower your jumps. You can use your Wisdom score, instead of your Strength score, when determining how far and how high you can jump, and when making an ability check related to jumping. Additionally, you don't suffer any penalties for not moving 10 feet before jumping.

Ledge Grab

When you reach 6th level, you've learned techniques to pull you towards solid ground when your jumps aren't quite far enough. When you jump or fall within 10 feet of a ledge and have at least 10 feet of movement left, you can use your reaction to move towards and grab the ledge without falling. If an unoccupied space on solid ground is within 5 feet of the ledge, you can pull yourself up to the space immediately. Additionally, you can use your Dexterity score, instead of your Strength score, when you make an ability check related to climbing or holding on to a ledge.

Triple Jump

When you reach 11th level, your Ki can empower your jumps even further if you push it to do so. When you use Step of the Wind, your jump distance is tripled for the turn instead of doubled. Additionally, when you make a long jump, you can also jump higher as if you made a high jump.

Stomp of the Wind

At 17th level, when you use the attack action in midair after using Step of the Wind, you can make two additional unarmed strikes as part of your attack action. Additionally, when you extend your jump using your Bounding Stomp feature, your jump extensions no longer expend movement.

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