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Way of the Void[edit]

Monk Subclass

An elf wanders through the city, seeking the shapeshifting doppelganger she has come to kill. She sees her prey surrounded by illusory guards, disguised as a noble from a non-existent land. She approaches him, seeing right through his illusions and lies, and dispatches him with a single deadly punch to the back of his fragile skull.

A human calmly walks onto the battlefield, taking in his surroundings as a horde of goblinoids bears down on him. He calmly takes a single step forward before disappearing, suddenly appearing in their midst with an explosion of energy that sends goblinoid corpses flying in all directions.

As the massive black dragon approached her, the halfling smiled as she threw out her arm, and watched with calm satisfaction as the dragon collapsed in agony as he disintegrates, a single pure-black beam extending into his chest from the halfling's outstretched arm.

The Way of the Void is a path many monks refuse to walk, as it espouses action and death to one's foes rather than calm and thoughtfulness. Those few that choose to walk this path, however, can tap into the absolute nothingness that lies beyond the Outer Planes, able to manifest it in their blows and in their bodies, able to derive great power from it-at a cost, of course. Many a monk who followed the Way of the Void has been consumed-body, mind, and soul-by the power they weild, unable to harness and contain it within themselves, resulting in a great implosion that can, depending on the power of the monk, leave a crater ranging from a few miles in diameter to hundreds of miles wide. Those that manage to contain the power within themselves often go mad from the vast expanse of infinite nonexistance that they have witnessed, unable to comprehend the idea of true lack of existance. But such is the nature of the Void. You either control it, or are consumed by it. It is nonexistance, nothingness, and an infinite expanse of oblivion within which has never, cannot, and will never exist.

Drawn From the Void[edit]

When you take this subclass at 3rd Level, you gain additional Ki Points equal to your Dexterity modifier plus your Wisdom modifier. In addition, your unarmed strikes now deal force damage equal to your Martial Arts Die, and you can spend Ki Points to increase this force damage by one die per Ki Point spent for one unarmed strike per turn, and there is no limit on the amount of Ki Points you can spend on this increase. Whenever you spend Ki Points, roll a number of d100s equal to the number of Ki Points spent. Consult the table below for possible outcomes of the rolls.

Void Interference
d100 Result
01-89 Nothing happens.
90-99 The Void threatens to consume you. Make a Wisdom saving throw whose DC is equal to your monk level. On a success, you rein in the power of the Void, and nothing happens. On a failure, you implode, bringing a piece of the Void into the Planes. A crater with a radius of miles equal to 10 times your monk level is created over the span of 1 minute as everything in the radius is sucked into the Void and destroyed, and every creature in that radius must exit the radius within 1 minute or be killed outright, with no death saving throws allowed and no features preventing this instant death.
00 The Void threatens to consume you, but you not only regain control of it, but instead take more power from it. You gain a number of Ki Points equal to your Ki Point maximum, and this number can go over your Ki Point maximum. However, any Ki Points that exceed your current maximum cannot be regained, and are replaced if this result is rolled again.

Eyes of the Void[edit]

Starting when you take this tradition at 3rd Level, you can see all that surrounds you by viewing it through the Void. You gain truesight out to a range of 60 feet, the range of any other special senses (darkvision, blindsight, tremorsense, etc.) increases by 60 feet, and you gain proficiency in the Perception skill if you do not already have it, and you double your proficiency bonus when making a Wisdom (Perception) check

Void Walker[edit]

Starting at 6th level, you gain the ability to cast the Eldritch Blast cantrip and the following spells by using Ki Points instead of providing the material components of the spells, as specified in the table below, with the added special effect listed, which is added to the spell rather than replacing the spell's effect. The level of each spell can be increased by spending additional Ki Points to increase the level of the spell (1 per level) to a maximum of 12th level:

Left Table
Spell Ki Point Cost Special Effect
Tasha's Hideous Laughter 4 Ki Points Each time the target fails its saving throw, it takes 1d6 psychic damage per level of the spell
Mind Spike 6 Ki Points You always know the target's location, regardless of location, distance, or Plane of Existence, and the duration increases as you increase the level of the spell, as follows: 3rd and 4th level: 8 hours; 5th and 6th level: 1 day; 7th level: 1 week; 8th level: 1 year; 9th level: until dispelled
Thunder Step 6 Ki Points When you cast this spell, you can choose to deal the damage before or after you teleport, the damage type is changed to force, and you add two damage die per increased level instead of one
Shadow of Moil 8 Ki Points You gain resistance to one additional type of damage per increased level of the spell, and that damage type cannot be slashing, bludgeoning, or piercing. In addition, the damage type of damage dealt by this spell is changed to force damage.
Synaptic Static 10 Ki Points The target has disadvantage on all ability checks, attack rolls, and Constitution saving throws to maintain concentration, in addition to the original effect. The duration increases as the level of the spell does, as follows: 6th level: 10 minutes; 7th level: 1 hour; 8th level: 8 hours; 9th level: 1 day.

Void Caller[edit]

At 11th level, you gain the ability to cast more spells using your Ki Points. The Ki Points replace the material components necessary to cast the spell, and you are able to increase the level of the spells by spending additional Ki points (1 Ki Point per level) up to a maximum of 12th level. The special effects listed in the spell's row are added to the spell, and the spell keeps its original effects in addition to the original effects.

Left Table
Spell Ki Point Cost Special Effect
Disintegrate 12 Ki Points The range of this spell increase by an additional 30 feet for each Ki Point to increase its level.
Forcecage 14 Ki Points The space the cage can occupy is increased by 10 feet in every direction (vertically, longitudinally, and laterally) for each Ki Point spent to increase its level. In addition, planar travel and teleportation no longer function inside the cage.
Maddening Darkness 16 Ki Points The spell deals force damage instead of psychic damage. In addition, the spell no longer requires concentration to maintain, and its damage increases by 1d8 for each Ki Point spent to increase its level.
Psychic Scream 18 Ki Points The spell deals force damage instead of psychic damage. In addition, the range of this spell increases by 30 feet and its damage increases by 2d6 for each extra Ki Point spent to increase its level.


At 17th level, you gain the ability to shape the Void into a weapon while its nonexistence is present in the Planes of Existence, and to use the power of the Void to increase your own body. You can now make 3 attacks as an action, and three attacks with your Flurry of Blows, and can spend Ki Points to make additional attacks as part of your Flurry of Blows, with a linear progression of spending (1 Ki Point = 1 bonus attack, 2 Ki Points = 2 bonus attacks, etc.) At will, not requiring an action, you can form a blade made of the Void in your hand by spending 5 Ki Points. This blade deals 4d12 force damage, and counts as a simple melee weapon with the finesse, light, and thrown properties (range 30/120), as well as a monk weapon for you. When you make an attack with this weapon, you can spend Ki Points to increase the sword's damage, with every additional Ki Point spent adding an additional 2d12 force damage to the sword's next blow. This extra damage disappears after you successfully hit a target and deal it damage. When the sword hits while this extra damage is in effect, you must roll on the Void Interference table a number of times equal to the total amount of damage die the sword dealt.

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