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This Monastic Tradition is for those who wish to use their fist as a shield as well as a weapon.

Steel Fist[edit]

When adopting this tradition at level 3 you gain the following benefits when wearing a metallic glove.

Steel Wielding[edit]

You can choose to cause piercing or slashing damage when doing an unarmed strike.

Claws of Steel[edit]

When making an attack with flurry of blows, if the attack hits, you can impose one of the the following effects.

  • Target must make a constitution save or bleed for proficiency modifier each turn. (This goes up to Proficiency X 2 at 11, and X 3 at 17)
  • Target must make a dexterity save or have disadvantage on their next attack before the end of its next turn.
  • Target's speed is reduced by half until the end of it's next turn.

Unbreakable Fist[edit]

Starting at the 6th level, you gain the following benefits:

Hand Shield[edit]

  • Metal Glove considered a shield when considering gaining bonuses and allows for all monk traits.
  • AC bonus from this "shield" is your proficiency modifier divided by two rounded down.


When another creature tries to hit you with a melee attack, as a reaction, you can use your reaction to add your proficiency bonus to your AC for that attack, potentially causing the attack to miss you.

Enchantment Transfer[edit]

While attuned to a magic weapon of level rare or lower, you can spend one full day meditating with the weapon and transfer the enchantment to the glove. This meditation causes two levels of exhaustion at the end of the ritual. While an enchantment is transferred into the glove, the source of the items transfer cannot leave a 100 foot range for more than a minute, or the transfer is reverted. If the transfer continues for a full month, the transfer becomes permanent until the wielder meditates for a full day to return the transfer.

One With the Fist[edit]

Starting at the 11th level, you gain the following benefits:

Glove Merge[edit]

  • The glove merges with your hand and can no longer be removed or affected by effects that cause targeted movement, such as the Telekinesis spell.
  • Spells such as Heat Metal affect the glove, but do no damage to you.
  • At will you can cast Alter Self with permanent duration, only for hiding or showing the merged glove. This changes texture as well.

Parry Upgrade[edit]

If the attack is with a weapon that can be disarmed, When using parry and causing an attack to miss, The attacker must make a strength check versus 8 + Dexterity Modifier + Proficiency bonus, or be disarmed of the weapon.

Enchantment Transfer Upgrade[edit]

Max Enchantment level goes up to 1 rare or 6 uncommons.

Fatal Fist[edit]

Starting at the 17th level, you gain the following benefits:

Heart Pierce[edit]

Spending 4 Ki, you charge your fist with your energy and pierce it into an enemy. If the attack succeeds, the target must make a constitution saving throw. If the save succeeds the target takes 5d6 piercing damage through resistance. If the save fails, the target takes 10d8 piercing damage.

Enchantment Transfer Upgrade[edit]

Max Enchantment level goes up to 1 very rare, 2 rares or 8 uncommons.

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