Way of the Soul Master (5e Subclass)

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Way of the Soul Master[edit]

Monk Subclass

A robed monk disappears into a silvery mist, disappearing from view. Shortly, a nearby troll turns on his companion with a new, concentrated look in his eyes. The two trolls beat each other and as they are very close to death, the monk reappears, as if from another plan of existence. The light goes from the troll's eyes and a hooded ranger finishes them both with a quick arrow to the heart.

Soul Hop

At 3rd level, you can teleport to an empty space within 10 ft of another creature as a bonus action. This ability does not work on constructs, undead, or creatures that are dead(creatures of 0 hit points are still eligible). It has a 60 foot range and does not depend on line of sight, but you do have to know that the creature is there.

Soul Read

At 6th level, as a bonus action, you can touch a creature near you and see their current hp, and status conditions. As an action, you can expend 2 ki point to check if the creature is disguised. This includes spells like disguise self and disguise kits. You do not learn their true identity, but you do know that they are disguised, and how they are disguised. This ability does not work on constructs, undead, or creatures that are dead(creatures of 0 hit points are still eligible).

Soul Suck

At 11th level, when you make an unarmed strike, you can spend X ki points to heal Xd4(max X=5)to yourself or an ally within 30 feet. If this is the killing blow, you also regain ki points equal to the CR of the creature(rounded down). The amount of ki points you regain cannot exceed you maximum ki points for your level. This ability does not work on constructs, undead, or creatures that are dead, but you can use it to heal allies of 0 hit points.


At 17th level, you can spend 10 ki points to separate your soul from your body allowing it to move freely about, with a flying speed of 60 feet. Your body is then sent to a pocket-dimension, where it cannot be tampered with except by someone who can use plane shift, or has an ability to travel to different planes of existence. You(in soul form) can travel through non-magical substance 5 feet thick and are invisible to all creatures without truesight and impervious to non-magical damage. You can spend an action, while in soul form, to possess a creature within 30 feet of you, that you can see(excluding constructs and undead). The creature you try to posses must make a Constitution saving throw against your ki save DC. If they succeed, you cannot try to possess them again until you use this ability a second time. If they fail, you possess them and adopt their stats except you keep your Wisdom, Intelligence, Charisma, and alignment. If the host you possess dies whilst you are possessing it, you are returned to your body in the place that you started the ability. You suffer 1 level of exhaustion and take (distance in feet between the place of death of the host, and the place you started the ability/50)d4 necrotic damage(max 30d4). You can leave a host at any time to return to soul form, but you can't possess another creature until you use the ability again. While in soul form, you can call upon your body as an action and bring it to you so that you can regain your physical form in the place that you ended the ability.

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