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Way of the Grease Monkey Fist[edit]

Monk Subclass

Monks of the way of the Grease Monkey Fist are in tune with every source of Ki, especially its inclusion with magic. They learn techniques to imbue every one of their punches with magic. These techniques can be used to to disrupt enemies fighting styles, create magical fists and even ignore enemy defenses

Grease Monkey Fist Form

Your particular choice in ki study has led you down a path that allows you to overcome a common problem that monks have, lack of variety. Within ki you have found the potential for many different magics ranging from burning acid to brilliant radiance. Focusing on one of these areas allows you to make your attacks magical in multiple ways.

Choose one of the damage types below. This damage type becomes trained. Before your first attack on a turn, you may choose for your attacks to instead inflict a trained damage type. In addition, you gain a benefit to your attacks based on the trained damage type, listed below. The benefit can be done on any unarmed strike, but only once per turn. The benefit, if it has a duration, lasts until the end of your next turn but cannot stack. You gain a second damage type at 6th level, and a third at 11th.

Learnable Damage Types and Effects
Damage Type Effect Associated
Poison Target cannot take bonus actions.
Acid Target AC reduced by 1.
Fire Targets you choose within 10 ft of the target take 1d6 fire damage.
Cold Target's speed is reduced by 10 ft.
Radiant Target takes 1 radiant damage at the start of their turn.
Necrotic Target has disadvantage on attack rolls against you.
Lightning Target cannot take reactions.
Thunder Target is pushed back 10 feet.
Force Target is knocked prone.
Psychic Target must choose 2 between reaction, movement, action and bonus action until the end of their next turn.
Grease Monkey Fist Stance

You've studied hard and spent many nights studying ki in a second form of magic

At 6th level you gain a second trained damage type.

Redirection of Power

You have come to understand the ki in magic to the point that you can turn the tides in even the toughest situations.

Starting at 6th level whenever someone attacks you using a trained damage type, you may use 2 ki points to redirect that damage back to its source.

Grease Monkey Fist Mind

You've prevailed in your study to find a third and final form of magic in which ki can be used

At 11th level you may choose a third trained damage type.

Useless Tools

Any weapons that may have interested you before have completely lose their flair. You now know that there is no weapon you can rely on more than your own skills.

Starting at 11th level you lose any proficiencies you have with weapons of any kind. You can no longer gain proficiencies with weapons. Your martial arts die is now a d10. At 17th level, this die will increase to a d12.

Spirit of Magic

Your mastery of magical ki has made your punches even more deadly than your previously thought possible. Ki is an extension of your body now, allowing you to attack using it and your natural weapons simultaneously.

Starting at 17th level whenever you use a trained damage type for every attack on a turn, you may use 2 ki points to send out a final spiritual attack. This attack equals your martial arts die and deals the trained damage you used this turn. You do not need to roll for this attack.

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