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Way of the Four Elements[edit]

Monk Subclass

Design Note: While it is generally intended to stick with one element, you may freely choose the other options if you see fit.

Few know why the Way of the Four Elements is as splintered as it is. Some believe the first masters found it too weak, and mayhem ensued in the following coup to take control over the teachings. Others say they were simply power hungry, and were exiled to allow the masters to teach in peace. To whatever ends, many traditions find themselves under the name of the Four Elements, even with their collosal differences.

This subsect in particular focuses on inward benefits, instead of outward manifestations. The powers of, generally, one element are set within them. Where the core tradition may manipulate the elements to devastate their enemies, this one manipulates the elements to empower themselves.

Elemental Affinity

At 3rd level, select one of the following options. You use your Wisdom modifier as your spellcasting modifier for these spells.

  • Wind. You can cast gust.
Elemental Surge

At 6th level, you study more of the power of the four elements. These elemental powers can be the same element as your Elemental Affinity but they may be of a different element as well.

  • Wind.
  • Water.
  • Earth.
  • Fire.
Elemental Mastery

At 11th level, your mastery of the elemental arts is evident in your technique and power, you gain access to new abilities that grant you new ways to turn the tide of battle with the power of your Elemental Masteries. You select a new elemental feature that can be from any of the elements.

  • Wind.
  • Water.
  • Earth.
  • Fire.
Primordial Wrath

At 17th level, you channel the power of the primordials into your body and act as an avatar of their power. You gain the ability to cast the appropriate investiture listed based on your choice, costing 5 ki points and using Wisdom as your spellcasting modifier when cast in this way. Additionally, it does not require concentration, and incurs the following effects as well.

  • Wind. You can cast investiture of wind. You cannot be targeted by opportunity attacks, and your unarmed attacks instead have a reach out to 30 feet.
  • Water. You can cast investiture of ice. Your unarmed attacks deal an extra 1d10 cold damage.

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