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Way of the Electro-Combatant[edit]

Monk Subclass

The ancient technique taught by the Mink tribe of the new world, developing upon an innate ability all Minks possess and honing it into a fine martial art. Electro-combatants use the power known as 'Electro' which Mink's exclusively are able to harness from birth to deal devastating attacks upon their enemies with shock-based attacks.


When taking this sublcass at 3rd level, you are able to harness the power of Electro allowing you to deal an additional 2 points of Shock damage with any melee weapons you are proficient in. This damage increases to 3 at 7th level, 4 at 14th level and 5 at 19th level

Sparking Strike

At 3rd level, and at the cost of two ki points, the user is able to send a stronger impulse of electrical energy through the tips of their fingers, causing a powerful discharge. All electroshock damage for this turn is tripled when using an unarmed strike or a melee weapon attack.

Conductive Current

At 6th level, and at the cost of one ki point, in place of an unarmed strike the user is able to send a powerful downwards current into a single enemy's body causing them to take xd6+DEX shock damage - With 'x' representing the players level - and causing all enemies within 5ft of the target enemy to take a damage equal to half the attackers level. This feature can only be used once per round.

Sulong Form

The 'Sulong' form is a technique rarely achieved by even the strongest Mink warriors, and takes years of studious training to master. You have learned to harness the power of the full moon. At 11th level, Once per three days, you are capable of transforming into your 'Sulong' form. While in Sulong form, your hair and fur(if any) is changed to a illustrious white and any hair you have grows considerably. The users sclera turn black, with the user's iris' turning red. You have advantage on all attack rolls, and no longer take attacks of opportunity. The splash damage range of your Conductive Current also increases to a 10ft sphere. Your movement speed is doubled, you have advantage on dexterity saving throws, are immune to shock damage for the duration. You regain half your maximum Ki points available and gain a temporary +5 to attack and damage rolls. The Sulong form lasts for 4 rounds, after which the form deactivates and the user takes two points of exhaustion.

Maximum Voltage

At 17th level, once per long rest, the user is able to output the stored electricity within their body. For the duration of the round, all shock damage is doubled.

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