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Warp Door
Conjuration (Teleportation)
Level: Sor/Wiz 6, Travel 6, Bard 6
Components: S, F
Casting time: standard action
Range: Unlimited but only on same plane.
Target: You and everybody with you and with them.
Duration: 1 minute multiplied by your caster level
Saving Throw: None and Will negates (object)
Spell Resistance: No and Yes (object)

You knock on a standing functional door (on the outside) while you think of the front door of the house were you want to be. You must know this house and have at least visited it, in person, once. If this knock isn't answered than this spell will not function and you can try again later. The knocking must be answered in time equal to the caster level in rounds.

Until the door is opened, and thereby completing the spell, you cannot hear any sound from the other side of the door. So if the other person is saying something like “Come in... the door is open.”, you don't hear that. You cannot open the door doing so will break the spell. You also don't hear if the other person is unlocking any locks on his door or even knock on his door himself. If only one door has a small door and or a window in it than this will not function If both doors has a small door and or a window in it than this will work as if you are standing in front of it. The caster cannot open the small door but he can look trough the window as standing before the door he want to be.

If the door opens you will see the person who opens it and the inside of the house, where you want to be, as if you were there. The person will see you and the surrounding were you are.... if this person is paying attention to it... You can talk with this person but you can not pass through the door. Only as this person invites you in. You and only you can enter. If you are with more than you have to ask explicit permission for each person who wants to enter. And vice versa. The person who opens the door can also not pass through the door without the caster permission and for everybody else in the house who wants to pass the door needs the caster permission. Familiars can only pass if there master is allowed to pass. Together they count as one person. A transparent barrier in the door opening is blocking everything that tries to pass though the door without permission, even the air. This will also clean everybody who passes the door.

During this spell the door remains closed for the neighbors or any person passing or watching this door on the unused side. The knocking is not heard form this side of the door. If somebody else is trying to open the door during this spell than the door jams and cannot be opened by any force.

The spell ends when the caster closes the door or as the maximum of people has passed through the door, which is equal to your caster level. Or as the duration has expired, the door than closes automatically but slowly. By no means can you block this all what stays in the opening will be pushed aside without damage it. If somebody or something is trying to sneak through the door while it is closing, he, she or it will be forcefully pushed back and takes 1d10 points of damage, a successful reflex save at DC15 for half damage.

Focus: A functional standing door.

Nobody is home I guess...
—Sen Sorcerers Sublime, Human, Presto, Prestidigitator, Sorcerer, in the middle of nowhere at a place were once was a large farm. But luckily the front door was still functional.
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