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Foreword: Sorry about the formatting I am unused to wiki formatting.

Base idea[edit]

This was inspired by the pole-arm sentinel build on this site. I wanted to see if I could change up the build and make something new. Instead of locking units just at range on the normal sentinel build this build is meant to lock them in. This build idea is slightly slow to get off the ground requiring level 4 to be at its base and level 5 to show it power. The build only gets more extreme with time.

Ruling issue[edit]

Before you bring this build to the table ask your DM for a ruling on the "Claw of Acamar" (Warlock UA).
Two rulings exist on this and the other weapon changing invocations:

  1. You must expend a spell slot to do 2d8 per slot level and reduce the units speed to 0 till your next turn.
  2. Or as it is written they are separate effects and the secondary speed reduction does not need a spell slot to activate.

This ruling deeply effects the long term effectiveness of the build. If your DM rules 1 consider subbing out Fighter 1 from this build with Paladin 2 for the extra spell slots.

Other goodies depending on reach rulings for your group

  1. you only have the longest reach and thus only threaten at 1 range.
  2. you threaten at all ranges applicable.

If 1 ignore the rest of this, if 2 this build starts to break things. In case of 2 grab an offhand weapon with standard range, and if you get to your Third feat grab War Caster. These will let you threaten more and have more opportunity attacks. These will let you have all kinds of fun by adding the green flame blade cantrip from the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide to your opportunity attacks at 2 ranges(5 feet/10 feet).


Human for lvl 1 sentinel feat.

Fighter 1/ Paladin 2 for Tunnel fighting from "light, dark, Underdark"(UA).

Warlock 3 min, Patron:The Old Ones, Pact of the Blade, Eldritch Invocation: Claw of Acamar

Extra additions[edit]

Flail mastery Feat(UA), for the +1 and the Ability to knock prone with 0 speed


You should choose to max out your Strength on this build for the bonus to attack rolls and the bonus to flail masteries Str. check.

Next is Con. for when they start attacking you when the realize running is futile Last priority stat is Cha, for spell save dc

Lvl 1[edit]

Human fighter, Tunnel fighting style,Sentinel feat, reach weapon

Lvl 2[edit]

Warlock, Great Old Ones patron

Lvl 3[edit]

Warlock, Grasp of hadar to get them in range for now

Lvl 4[edit]

Warlock, Pact of blades, swap 1 invocation for Claws of Acamar

Lvl 5- Lvl 20[edit]

Dealer choose. Its all fun from here, I'm planing full warlock and grabbing flail mastery here so they are prone with 0 speed and have to crawl away if I ever stop hitting them.

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