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Variant human.

Fantasy fashionistas, wardrobers are 7 to 8 feet tall. They are also quite thin, so they do not count as large. Their function is to create the wardrobes for various other humanoid races, including large and huge humanoids. This is why they are so tall. Wardrobers are always dressed to the nines, and they are nearly always almost completely clothed.

Medium Size Even though you are 7 to 8 feet tall, your weight is only about 1d100 lbs greater than a standard human. Your size is medium. Wardrober women tend to be taller than their men. Female wardrobers tend to be 8 ft tall. Male wardrobers range from 7 to 8 ft tall.

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom and Charisma scores each increase by 1.

Starting Feat You have the Poised Feat at first level. All wardrobers have this feat even before they have a level or a class.

Long Stride. You can walk faster and further thanks to your long legs. Your speed is 35 feet.

Disguise With one hour's work, you may perform one of the following disguise actions:

  • Disguise Other Humanoid You may only disguise a humanoid other than a wardrober to look like another humanoid of the same size.
  • Disguise Wardrober Wardrobers may only be disguised as other wardrobers. You can do this with yourself or another wardrober.
  • Disguise Humanoid Stack You may disguise a stack of two goblins, three halflings or four gnomes standing on each other's shoulders as a wardrober. This will fool non-wardrobers, but will not fool wardrobers.

Enhance Charisma With one hour's work, you can enhance the charisma of a humanoid by +1 point, by dressing them in an exquisite set of clothes. The effect ends if the apparel gets dirty or damaged. Otherwise, roll 1d6 every hour. The effect continues for 1 more hour on a roll of 2-5 until a long or short rest begins. You may also do this to yourself. This effect does not stack.

Poise You are capable of entering a state of pure calm. As a bonus action, you may enter a poised state for one minute. While in this state, you may use a reaction to gain each of the following benefits.

  • When making a saving throw, you may gain advantage on that save.
  • When you take psychic damage, you may gain resistance.
  • When you fail a concentration save, you may reroll.
  • When being targeted by an attack, you may force them to treat that attack as if you Dodged.

You can do each once, and regain the use after finishing a short rest or long rest.

If you have the Rage feature, when entering a rage, you may also enter a poised state as part of that action. When doing so, the benefits of rage also apply to things which rely on Dexterity, instead of just Strength. Doing so only takes the use of Rage, not Poised.

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