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War Elephants are extremely large nearly hairless herbivorous mammals that have a snout elongated into a muscular trunk, huge fan-like ears, and two incisors in the upper jaw that grow into large ivory tusks. War Elephants are unpredictable creatures but nevertheless are used as mounts or beasts of burden by many large evil creatures, such as Trolls.

War Elephant[edit]

Giant riding a war elephant
War Elephant
Level 11 Brute
Huge Natural Beast (Mount)
XP 600
Initiative +10 Senses Perception +11, low-light vision
HP 141; Bloodied 70
AC 23; Fortitude 25, Reflex 23, Will 24
Speed 8
Basicmelee.png Tusk Gore ♦ at-will
Effect: Reach 1; +14 vs. AC; 2d6+5 damage.
Melee.png Trample ♦ at-will
Effect: +12 vs. Reflex; 3d6+5
Rearing Panic ♦ encounter
Effect: The first time a war elephant is Bloodied in an encounter it will rear up on it's hind legs in panic. Any creature riding the war elephant must make a save or be thrown off the war elephant taking 1d6 damage and landing Prone. Trained riders get a +2 on their save roll and large sized riders get a +2 on their save roll. These bonuses are cumulative. As well the war elephant makes a Trample attack against any creature in the square directly in front of it. If the war elephant has no riders (or throws off all of the ones on it) it will flee from combat at it's best possible speed Trampling anything that gets in it's way. If the war elephant has a rider it will remain in combat.
Tank ♦ at-will
Effect: The war elephant grants it's rider a +2 to hit with any weapons from the polearm or spear groups, and a +2 bonus to AC.
Large Tank ♦ at-will
Effect: The war elephant grants a large sized rider a +2 to hit with all melee weapons, and a +2 to AC.
Skills Endurance +15, Perception +11
Str 28 (+14) Dex 10 (+5) Wis 13 (+6)
Con 21 (+10) Int 2 (+0) Cha 7 (+3)
Alignment Unaligned Languages

War Elephant Tactics[edit]

Normally in the wild war elephants attempt to flee danger, using their large bulk to deter and crush potential threats. If provoked males will often use their large tusks to gore and rend attackers. Trained riders can spend a standard action to make their war elephant mount Tusk Gore or Trample a target.

Encounter Groups[edit]

War Elephants live in a structured social order. The social lives of male and female elephants are very different. The females spend their entire lives in tightly knit family groups made up of mothers, daughters, sisters, and aunts. These groups are led by the eldest female, or matriarch. Adult males, on the other hand, live mostly solitary lives. Often it is these males that are captured and used for mounts by various beings.

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