Wall of Webs (4e Power)

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Wall of Webs Arachnomancer Attack 9
You call a great wall of tangled webs into being.
Daily Star.gif Arachane, Conjuration, Implement
Standard Action Area wall 8 within 10 squares
Effect: You conjure a wall that consists of continuous squares filled with arachane webs. It can be up to 8 squares long and 4 squares high. The wall lasts until the end of your next turn. Any creature that starts its turn adjacent to the wall takes becomes immobilized until the end of your next turn. If a creature moves into the wall's space or starts it's turn there takes 2d6 + Charisma modifier poison damage and is immobilized (save ends). The wall blocks line of sight and counts as difficult terrain.
Sustain Standard: The wall persists.

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