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A race born of a titan, the embodiment of stone and fire, practicality and power.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'9" - 6'7"
Average Weight: 395-475 lbs
Ability Scores: +2 Constitution, +2 Strength or +2 Wisdom
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, choice of one other
Skill Bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 Insight
Bright Flame: You give off a bright light. The light fills the square you occupy and all squares within 3 squares. As a minor action, you can dim the light for at least 5 minutes and reignite as a free action.
Unencumbered Speed: You move at your normal speed even when it would normally be reduced by armor or a heavy load. Other effects that limit speed (such as difficult terrain or magical effects) affect you normally.
Rock Hide: You have a +1 racial bonus to your Fortitude defense.
Inner Fire: You have a +5 plus 1/2 your level resistance to fire damage and a +1 to attack rolls with fire attacks.
Vulronite Blaze: You have the Vulronite Blaze racial power.

Vulronite Blaze Vulronite Racial Power
With a will, you add a scorching flare to your strike.
Encounter Star.gif Fire
Minor Action Personal
Prerequisite: You are making an attack.
Requirement: You must declare this ability in use before you make your attack roll.
Effect: Add 5 Fire damage to the damage done by your attack.

At Level 11 Damage increases to 10. At Level 21 Damage increases to 15.

Vulronites come from the heart of the volcano Mount Tarkoron. It is said that a titan of great power created the Vulronite people, granting them free will and intelligence. The titan then became one with the volcano to rest, setting his children loose into the world to forge their own destiny. These first Vulronites encountered a human settlement, adopting human names and learned the varying ways of the world around them. For the next four thousand years, Vulronites spread across the world. While it is largely believed that they are purely solitary nomads, there are rumors of a group of Vulronites founding a city near Mount Tarkoron, taking the first steps towards a true civilization.

Play an Vulronite if you want...

  • To be an honest and down to earth hero.
  • To make a place in this world by your actions alone.
  • To have the strength of stone and the power of fire.
  • To be a member of a race that favors the warden, barbarian, fighter, runepriest, and paladin classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Vulronites are slightly taller and bulkier than humans and they have human facial features. Their skin is a craggled rock hide that ranges from bright red to burgundy and charcoal to light gray. The color of their flames, which engulfs their head and is seen in the glow of their eyes and through some of the larger cracks in their rock hides, can be bright red to glowing yellow. Vulronites have walked the world for over a thousand years, and while they physically mature at the same rate as humans and dwarves, it is unknown what counts as old age for one, as the most ancient of Vulronites are still vigorous despite the passage of time.

Playing an Vulronite[edit]

The bulk of Vulronites are pragmatic and kind, feeling that there is little point to gaining power for the sake of power. But they often follow their own sense of law, rubbing law abiders the wrong way. Vulronites do what they can to be kind to strangers, but they will never stand anything they see as senseless. They also take a unique view of fire, feeling that it is as much a living thing as a person. Vulronites mainly take human names, but it is not unusual for one to be named after a close friend of their parents.

Vulronite Characteristics: Pragmatic, loyal, honest, wry, blunt, reliable, enterprising, naive

Male Names: Daniel, Henry, Seb, Bruce, Adam, Jean, Will, Julius, Mike, Chuck, Peter, Richard, Alec, Alan, Zane

Female Names: Liz, Jen, Sam, Keira, Marry, Gwen, Zoe, Nat, Irene, Amy, Cass, Maria, Molly, Ash, Laura

Vulronite Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Vulronite adventurers are described below.

Lauren has been walking the world and singing her songs for nearly thirty years. Often alone, this gifted bard has sought a way to use her gift in a way that avoids conflict, mostly entertaining villages and cities with her song. But when she hears that an old friend, the very one who taught her the art of the bard, has gone missing, Lauren feels that she must find out what happened, and will travel to the ends of the earth to bring her friend safely home.

James has always felt himself more of a healer than a fighter. Never having the time or opportunity to learn the magic to heal, he contented himself with veraciously studying first aid. James easily contented himself being a relief combatant, stepping in only when others in his band of bounty hunters became too injured to continue the fight. But one day, a message reaches him describing how his brother was killed protecting a village. As the band of adventurers he travels with nears the sight of his brother’s death, James grows more and more determined to find out how and why he was killed, and where his killer is now.

Perhaps one of the first vulronite monks to ever be trained, Jayne honed his rock like body to a razor’s edge. He spent years training and perfecting his ability at hand to hand combat so that he could sell his talents as a body guard. On his first assignment, Jayne must protect a human psion prodigy on her journey from her simple farming community to the psionic academy in the city of Clyfmira. While it is hardly his idea of a first challenge, Jayne will meet it head on, and do what he can to keep it simply business.

Racial Options[edit]

Paragon Paths: Blazing Soul

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