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Vow of Nudity

You have taken a sacred vow never to withhold your beauty from the rest of the world.
Prerequisite: Sacred Vow, Cha 15
Benefit: You are constantly surrounded by an awe-inspiring aura to a radius of 50 feet. Creatures within the aura must make a successful Will save (DC 10 + one-half your character level + your Cha modifier) or be affected by a Fascination effect. A creature that makes a successful saving throw and remains in the aura is unaffected by this feat for 24 Hours. Reentering the area after leaving will invoke another save. If the target is otherwise freed from the Fascination effect (such as being attacked), he is treated as making the save. The aura is a mind-affecting, supernatural compulsion. Allies gain +2 to this saving throw per day that they travel/work alongside you. After 5 days, they no longer have to make a save.
Special: To fullfill your vow, you must never willingly wear any item of clothing or armor that conceals your body. If you intentionally break your vow, you immediately and irrevocably lose the benefit of this feat. If you break your vow as a result of magical compulsion, or otherwise unintentionally (being forced into a straightjacket, for instance, a possible outcome of wandering city streets in the nude), you lose the benefit of this feat until you receive an atonement spell. Merely having a blanket thrown over you which you immediately attempt to remove will not cause this result. Magical jewelry, such as anklets, necklaces, and bracelets, are not considered to be clothing or covering for this feat.

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