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Vostaru is a remote place, included on many maps as a wasteland.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

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Vostaru used to be a fertile land, full of trade and prosperity. Then, about 3500 years ago, a cunning, ambitious wizard named Mazgrath attempted to rob the tomb of the forgotten heroes. it was well known as an endless maze, deep underground, far away from the light. When word reached the 7 great rulers that the crypt had been discovered, they sent armies to the tomb, hoping to get there first. It is said that a mighty hero named Moridan found Mazgrath, by now a maddened sorcerer who warned that the destruction of the multiverse was near, and witnessed his death at the hands of a mighty Balor demon called Arazagul. Moridan fled the tomb, hoping to find a safe haven, but the Greenfist armies slew him there on the doorstep. The result was a 450 year long war. By the end of the great conflict, generations, religions, and factions had come and gone, leaving only a reminder of the scars of war in the many secret and hidden tombs, fortresses, and temples that wait to be discovered. Treasure hunters have since scoured the land for artifacts, and many have found them, but very few return.
There is no current government in Vostaru, but the scarce historical records tell of 7 factions ruled by archlords, or in their language, Abberyteri. They would often debate endless poitics while the citizens lived happily, but it never resulted in war. There was one infamous outlaw called Inferitus, (Meaning "One who walks in fire"), who was a martyr for criminal gangs, but was also an example made to those gangs, of what could happen. When the great war broke out, refugees evacuated as fast as they could, while the 7 factions clashed for the ultimate power.

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