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Voidlings are not unlike tieflings, if you exchange their infernal ancestry, with that which dwells in the void between the planes. They are usually shunned, since they are technically humanoid aberrations.


Voidlings are conceived through rituals that impregnate a mortal female, of any race, with the metaphysical seed, of that which dwells in the void. As such, since that metaphysical seed doesn't carry a Y-chromosome, voidlings are most often female, though male voidlings are a possibility through the metaphysical mutations that occur in the fetus.

The void is a plane that mere mortals can not visit unless they have made a pact with, have studied and researched for decades, or have descended from. Voidlings from these rituals are usually born from magic wielders such as warlocks or sorcerors, but bards and wizards will sometimes conduct in the ritual. Reasons for such action vary greatly, but it is almost always a heavily guarded secret, from most kingdoms and laws forbade or discourage contact with the void plane in this manner.

Voidlings have existed for eons, but recently they've come out into the open for some unknown reason. No one knows why, but the reason is assumed to be sinister. However, not all voidlings are of hostile mentality...

Physical Description[edit]

Voidlings generally adopt their mother's race, but with chalk-white skin, eyes that look like the starry night sky, and black blood, making their soft tissues shades of grey; this also causes their faces to become a shade of grey while blushing.

They have the general height and weight of their mother's race, but their hair flows and dances like shadow fire, but hangs downward like material plane hair. This hair can be any shade on the greyscale or even black with star flecks of white. Their voices are echoing but gentle, enigmatic and unfathomable. The bear the echoes of the void and the warmth and rich life of the material plane.

Their builds come in all shapes and sizes, reflecting their mother's race. Naturally, stand out greatly up close, but at a distance, they can very well pass for a 'normal' member of their mother's race if they conceal themselves with a cloak, or are obscured by fog, darkness, and so on.

Usually, their touch is slightly cooler than full-blooded material plane natives but far warmer than the touch of pure void. Some wear gloves to muffle the chill and others simply pass it off as being sensitive to cold or a similar explanation. Thus, they prefer personal space just because their skin feels inbetween the warmth of life and the chill of death.

Their blood feels unnaturally cold when they are cut, this is the main reason they have the chill of death in their touch. However, as aforementioned, it is still warmer than creatures that are truly dead or undead. The clotting is slower than full-blooded material plane races, and they heal naturally slower with most injuries. but healing spells work at the same rate on them. This is why most of them prefer to fight at a distance. Not from cowardice, but from common sense. Barbarians don't care about the slow healing, though, when in their rage)


As voidlings are not a race unto themselves, they usually grow up with the values of whatever race their mother is. Due to their odd looks and aberrant nature, they are quite often shunned from communities they weren't raised in, and are sometimes even attacked on sight, having been mistook for undead.

Their mother's race is, usually, the main one to give them a chance before other races. Even this takes time and building trust with wary strangers. Thus, Voidlings sometimes wish to make new friends or allies or wish to remain reclusive. Depending on their overall life experiences they open up slowly themselves or are ready to accept allies whenever the slightest offer is made. Usually, they sympathize with tieflings to some degree. Sadly this can sometimes hurt their cause for outsider races to befriend them even more since tieflings are despised by most.

However, within their childhood community, they are actually accepted as a normal member surprisingly. One the others get over the fact they carry the aberrant blood of the void. Usually, they are spellcasters, healers, astronomers, astrologers, clerics, and sometimes warriors that wield both weapons and magic. The two controversial professions are Paladin and necromancer

Paladins are possible, despite what many think. (After all, being mistaken for undead could breed resentment and hatred towards the undead horrors that others mistake them for.) Despite being hated by many divines, some will give a noble Voidborn a chance to do good in the world and 'redeem' themselves.

Just as some rebel against their voidish reputation, some embrace it and become necromancers. Embracing the dark and horrifying assumptions they make life horrid for everyone, including other voidborn who wish to break away from those very assumptions. Not ALL necromancing voidlings are evil, though!

Good ones are rare, however. Good necromancers want to use the stark reputation and subvert it for good. Usually, they do not meddle with zombies and such unless necessary. They bring others back who have fallen and vex enemies with the death-like fear they can bring already. Some are dual-classed as to use the necromance only in times of desperate need. Others don't give a crap about superstition and scare the daylights out of those who would cause evil in the world.

Usually, they become adventurers for a wanderlust of the world or to prove they aren't utter eldritch-esque horrors. Many other reasons exist, but these two reasons are usually in the mix of motives an individual can have.

Voidling Names[edit]

As voidlings are not a race unto themselves, they are usually named according to the customs of their mother's folk.

Voidling Traits[edit]

Born from the void through mortal mothers, their traits mostly mimic those of their mothers.
Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 2, and your Dexterity increases by 1.
Age. You mature as your mother's race does, but have half their life expectancy.
Alignment. As they can be born from a vast majority of races, they have no set alignment.
Size. You are the same size as your mother's race.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 35 feet.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Voidborn. You have resistance to cold damage.
Abnormality. You gain proficiency in Intimidation.
Eldritch Mind. You have advantage on saving throws made against enchantment spells.
Aberrant Blood. If you are hit by a melee attack that allows the attacker to regain hit points, such as a stirge's blood drain or a vampire's bite, the attacker regains no hit points and instead loses a number of hit points equal to the amount they would have gained.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.

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