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Vizison were once the rulers of the Underdark, but now they fight against the Drow for control.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'2-6'2
Average Weight: 120-190
Ability Scores: Intelligence +2, Dexterity +2
Size: Medium
Speed: 7 squares
Vision: Darkvison
Languages: Vizison, Common, Deep Speech
Skill Bonuses: Arcana +2, Stealth + 2
Time Trance: You heal faster than the other races. Whenever you use a healing surge, you gain an additional 2 HP.
Vizison Weapon Proficiency: You are proficient with the dagger and the scimitar.
Battle Pause: You gain the Battle Pause ability.

Battle Pause Vizison Racial Power
In moments of great danger, you can freeze time.
Immediate Reaction Personal
Trigger: An attack bloodies you.
Effect: You shift 3 squares and make a basic attack.

Vizison are the masters of time and capable of freezing time in an instant. They were once the proud rulers of the underdark, until the drow came and took over; soon after, large amounts of Vizison started a crusade to take back their land, resulting in an all-out war. Vizison worship the god of time Vizison, and are tall pale Humanoids with interesting eyes.

Play an Vizison if you want...

  • to be a master of stealth and magic
  • to be a master at quick blades and knives
  • to be able to learn the secrets of time control
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Blademaster, Rogue, Slayer, or spell caster classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Vizison are tall, slender humanoids. Their hair is either pure white or jet black, and they have no facial hair. Their eyes are very unique. Normally their whites are black and their cat-like pupils white, but occasionally this is reversed.

Vizison History[edit]

Long ago, Vizison were once the proud rulers of the Underdark, until the Drow society came and took over, making the Vizison slaves. Many years later Vizison rebellions have spread throughout the Underdark, sparking a war. It's been hundreds of years since it began, and it still rages on.

Playing an Vizison[edit]

Vizison are very curious about new things, they'll spend hours studying something new they don't understand. They always record new discoveries either using a recording spell or a personal journal, with the intent to eventually return their findings to their scholars.

Vizison Characteristics: Patient, Alien, Quick, Chatty, and Curious

Male Names: Elven names

Female Names: Elven names

Other Vizison Powers[edit]

you can make more powers for Vizison powers if you wish,but you'll need to follow these rules to create a cool Vizison power, but not overpowered

  1. it has to have a time control keyword
  2. it normally requires an Arcana Check
  3. if the user fails to meet the check there should be a huge penalty
  4. Battle Pause was the only power that had a sustain option
  5. it has to be an Encounter power

You can only use two Vizison powers per battle,and you can't use them both at the same time

Vizison Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Vizison adventurers are described below.

Sarrek,a Male Vizison Blademaster who after training in the arts of the bladesmaster he set out for adventure of his own on the overworld. As a Vizion he has a natural attraction to the magical arts, and sought out a teacher. After a while he found just that. However, he found that the art of magery does not come for free. He used his skill in blades and agility, he sought out to becaome a thief. Now, after gathering the geld needed for his training in the dark arts he is a spellknife who traverses the realm in search of knowledge, adventure, and of course, wealth.

Lia, a female Vizison Rogue. Lia came from a well known clan that serves the Vizison Army, she was sent to the overworld to search for technology that can be used against the Drow society, she have found many useful things for such cause, but her mission is not over until the war is over.

Varis,a male Vizison Mage who sought out to explore the overworld and learn it's technologies, he quickly learn the cultures of other species and managed to make some companions,he continues to explore the overworld.

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