Violator (3.5e Sacrifice)

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Greater; 7th

Your body channels vile energies from beyond, and with it it corrupts and destroys everything it touches. As black waves surround your body, any weapon or natural attacks you strike with deal an additional 1d6 negative energy damage and behaves as a elemental burst weapon enhancement, dealing 1d10 or more negative energy on a successful critical hit. In addition to these effects, all the base weapon damage is now vile damage(Book of Vile Darkness), which does not heal naturally. Finally all your attacks are consider evil aligned for bypassing damage reduction.

While under its effects, regardless of your actual alignment you alignment appears evil to detection methods and for the effects pertaining to spells. If you already possess an aura of evil (such as through cleric levels) your aura is considered 4 levels stronger.

Maximum Health Penalty: -9.

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