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Vines of Obad-Hai: The Dryad kneels before the druid, offering her what appears to be a mess of tangled vines in thanks for saving her forest from another danger.

The Vines of Obad-Hai can only ever be worn by Druids, and can only be obtained by having it be given to them. The way they are created is a mystery as not even the druids know, but there are stories of Dryads and other fey and creatures of the wood making changing armors as gifts for their protectors.

The main feature of the vines is that, as the druid grows in power so do the vines themselves, giving the wearer spell-like abilities. The caster level for these abilities are equal to the armor's AC bonus, and the DC is determined by the wearers Wisdom.

There is no Maximum Dexterity Bonus or Arcane Spell Failure Chance, as the armor shifts to best fit its wearer not hampering them in the least.

The only thing that is required of those who are given this armor is that upon their death, their bodies must either fall or be buried in a barren area, where the vines take root and a large tree is formed, and the Druid's spirit becomes a Dryad connected to that tree and helps to raise and nurture a forest, making the barren land once again fertile.

Major Transmutation; DC 30;CL NA; {{{prerequisites}}}; Activation: Automatic; Market Price: N/A

Table: Vines of Obad-Hai

Druid Level Armor Bonus Special
1st - 2nd +1 Goodberry 1/day, +2 Dex, +1 Wis
3rd - 4th +2 Barkskin 1/day, +4 Dex, +3 Wis
5th - 6th +3 Tree Shape 1/day, Wild, +6 Dex, +5 Wis
7th - 8th +4 Poison 1/day, +8 Dex, +7 Wis
9th - 10th +5 Repel Vermin 1/day, +10 Dex, +9 Wis
11th - 12th +6 Tree Stride 1/day, +12 Dex, +11 Wis
13th - 14th +7 Fire Seeds 1/day, +14 Dex, +13 Wis
15th - 16th +8 Heal 1/day, +16 Dex, +15 Wis
17th - 18th +9 Finger of Death 1/day, +18 Dex, +17 Wis
19th - 20th +10 Shambler 1/day, +20 Dex, +20 Wis

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