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Venomous Animal Power[edit]

(Test version, check on history about the changes) Creature gets powers from a Venomous Animal Spirit.

Class: Sorcerer

Level: 1st

Replaces: If you select this class feature you do not gain a familiar.

Benefit: A sorcerer can obtain powers from a powerful Venomous Animal Spirit, to bond with it the sorcerer must spend 24 hours in a cave and use magical materials that cost 100 gp, also at each level the sorcerer must spend 5 gp per level in rituals to keep the bond with this spirit.

Class Level
Power Uses
1st-2nd 1 Venombond, Dreams
3rd-4th 2 Animal Talent
5th-6th 3 Sacrifice
7th-8th 4 Poison
9th-10th 5 Greater Animal Talent
11th-12th 6
13th-14th 7 Poison Resistance
15th-16th 8
17th-18th 9
19th-20th 10

Animal Power Uses: Some abilities listed on this table consume daily uses of Animal Power.Maximum amount you can spend per day is written on this column.

Venombond: The Venomous Animal Spirit allows you to gain bonus spells.

Dreams: From time to time the Venomous Animal Spirit speaks to you in dreams.This spirit can reward you, punish you, give wise advices, or give you instructions you must follow to not jeopardize your bond with him.This ability doesn't consume daily uses of Animal Power and it is not under player's control.

Animal Talent (Su): The Venomous Animal Spirit lends you one of his supernatural limbs, you can deliver touch attacks with it.This ability consumes one daily use of Animal Power and lasts one round only(See Sacrifice).

Sacrifice(Su): Each day you can sacrifice one spell slot to please your Animal Power.This ritual takes 1 minute and the effects lasts till the rest of the day.After doing this sacrifice your Animal Talent lasts as many rounds as your Charisma modifier(minimum one round), also you get a Venomous Magic bonus equals to the level of the spell you have sacrificed.This bonus will be used with some abilities like the Greater Animal Talent.

Greater Animal Talent(Su): Improved version of your Animal Talent.Lasts as many rounds as sorcerer's level you have, and consumes one daily use of Animal Power.

Poison(Su): You get Poison(Druid's Spell) as a spell-like ability(Charisma based,Sorcerer's level as caster level).This ability consume two daily uses of Animal Power.

Poison Resistance(Su):You gain a bonus on saves against poison equal to your number of daily uses of Animal power left.Also the cost of your Poison talent is from now on of one daily use of Animal Power instead of two.

Venomous Animal Spirit[edit]

The sorcerer chooses the kind of Venomous Animal Power he gets.The kind of Venomous Animal Power grants special abilities to the sorcerer, as given on the table below.

Animal Feature
Centipede Venombond: Expeditious Retreat(1st), Ghoul Touch(2nd), Mind Poison(3rd), Creeping Doom(7th)
Animal Talent:Can add your charisma modifier bonus as a bonus to Tumble checks.Greater:you can add your Venomous Magic bonus and your charisma modifier as a bonus to tumble checks.
Jellyfish Venombond: Floating Disk(1st), Jelly Legs(3rd), Arcane Eye(4th), Prying Eyes(5th), Jelly Bath(7th)
Animal Talent:Sorcerer gains the Improved Unarmed Strike Feat temporarily.Greater:Gains acidic touch that deals damage to objects like the Acid from Black Pudding, unarmed attacks deal acid damage,damage to objects and save DCs are equal to Venomous Magic Bonus plus 10.
Lizard Venombond:Detect Snares and Pits(1st level), Surefooted Stride(2nd), Speak with Animals(3rd), Move Earth(6th)
Animal Talent: Sorcerer gains +1 bonus to melee touch attack and +1 bonus to Initiative.Greater:Add Venomous Magic bonus plus 1 as a bonus to melee touch attack and as a bonus to initiative.
Manta Venombond:Quickblast(1st), Barlen's Crabwalk(2nd), Ebon's Ray of Doom(4th), Ethereal Jaunt(7th)
Animal Talent:Each round you can throw a dart from the palm of your hand,dart has a +1 bonus to attack and damage on sneak attacks.Greater:On sneak attacks the dart gets a bonus to attack and damage equal to your Venomous Magic bonus plus your charisma modifier.
Octopus Venombond: Shadow Gloom(1st), Toothed Tentacle(2nd), Scattergloom(3rd), Grasping Hand(7th)
Animal Talent:Your reach increases in 10 feet.Greater:If you have a Venomous Magic bonus of four or more you increase your reach in '20 ft.If your Venomous Magic bonus is equals to six or more you can cast Shadow Gloom as a spell-like ability instead of increasing your reach.
Platypus Venombond: Master's Touch(1st), Rope Trick(2nd), Freedom of Movement(4th), Dimension Door(4th)
Animal Talent:+4 on Swim checks.Greater:You gain your land speed minus 10 as swim speed(minimum 10), also you gain your Charisma modifier plus 8 on Swim checks and on checks to hold your breath.Duration of this talent is doubled.
Scorpion Venombond: Mage Armor(1st), Acid Arrow(2nd), Hold Monster(5th), Forcecage(7th)
Animal Talent:You get Improved Grab temporaririly.Greater:If you have a Venomous Magic bonus of four or more you get Constrict(1d4).If your Venomous Magic bonus is equals to six or more your claw attacks deal 1d8 damage.
Snake Venombond: Friendly Face(1st), Breath of the Jungle(2nd), Poison(4th), Bonemelt(7th)
Animal Talent:+1 bonus to attack.Greater:+1 bonus to attack and +2 bonus to attack per each point of Venomous Magic Bonus against creatures that are:Confused ,Dazzled, or poisoned.
Spider Venombond: Ray of Spider Poison (0th level), Web(2nd), Hold Monster(5th), Arachnid's Face(8th)
Animal Talent:You become a spider climbing creature as if a level 1 wizard cast a Spider Climb spell on you.Greater:You become a spider climbing creature as if a level 1 wizard cast a Spider Climb spell on you, also you get a +1 damage bonus on attacks against creatures that are paralyzed, entangled, or poisoned.Duration of this talent is doubled.
Toad Venombond: Fengut(1st), Delay Poison(2nd), Solid Fog(4th), Mantle of Pure Spite(8th)
Animal Talent:You develop a long sticky tongue as a natural weapon(1 non lethal damage,reach 20 ft.).You gain +2 dodge bonus to AC for one minute against any enemy you touch with your tongue.Greater: Tongue has a reach of 5 feet per point of Venomous Magic bonus, and you gain a dodge bonus to AC equals to your Venomous Magic bonus against any enemy your tongue touches.

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