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these are a few rules i recommend running with this campaign 'feel free to fix this or change it'

Coming of the apocalypses[edit]

As the apocalypses Draws closer and the crops start to wither, and pledges begin to ravage the lands. Pointillist wars clash on the lands and the shadow of death sweeps over the lands shows that the seven seals are close to braking. when the final seal brakes the old god tenebris will rise from his prison and the battle between light and darkness will fallow. The seals brake in order. A seal brakes every 3d20 days

Seal Signs of the Opening What happens
The seals
First a White horse appears in the dreams of the sick 'The horsemen Pestilence has risen and wonders the earth spreading Disease'
Second Red horse appears in the dreams of the murders 'The horsemen War has risen spreading chaos, hate and violence'NPCs randomly become Hostile to other NPCs and to Players
Third Black horse appears in the dreams of the hungry 'The horsemen Famine has risen and wonders the lands killing crops and poisoning water supply' Double the price of all goods and services, triple the price of all consumable goods
Forth Pale skeletal horse appears in the dreams of the All 'The horsemen Death (Hades follows him)has risen and sweeps over the world slaying the weak.'Players have disadvantage on death saving throws
Fifth Ghost wander the earth The gates to heaven and Hades are closed. death becomes less permanent'
Sixth Great earthquakes 'Darkness covers the skys, the sun the moon and the stars are swallowed into the void' there is no light from natural light sources.
Seventh the trumpets sound in the skys 'The Archangels come from the heavens and the Apocalypse has began' (this is up to the interpretation of the DM)

Learning a feat[edit]

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