Varghoulie Fever (4e Disease)

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Varghoulie Fever
Level 3 Disease
The victim breaks out in sores and their hair starts coming out. When a person dies from this disease their head separates from the body and becomes a varghoulie.

Stage 0: The target recovers from the disease.

Stage 1: the target loses 1 healing surge
Stage 2: The target loses another healing surge and is -2 on attacks, skills and defenses.
Stage 3: (Final State)The target dies and becomes a varghoulie

Check: At the end of each extended rest, the target makes an Endurance check if it is at stage 1 or 2.
12 or Lower: The stage of the disease increases by 1.
14 - 18: No change.
20 or Higher: The stage of the disease decreases by 1.

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