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Vanguard Conclave[edit]

The Ranger Conclave of the Vanguard focuses its efforts on the mundane, especially in combat. As such, its members dedicate themselves earlier than other conclaves’ initiates. You choose this conclave option at 2nd level and forgo the Rangers’ Spellcasting trait. You instead gain the Field Medic and Well Defended traits, as described below, as well as an additional Fighting Style.

Field Medic

At 2nd level, you have learned the ways of the body, and are able to quickly aid your companions out of the heat of the fight. You may take five minutes to tend to an ally’s wounds, concentrating as if it were a spell, to allow it to recover a number of d6s + your Wisdom modifier, as long as you have access to fresh herbs, such as ones in the wild or in a medicinal garden. The number of d6s equal your proficiency modifier. You may use this feature a number of times equal to half your Wisdom modifier rounded up per short rest, and a creature must complete a short or long rest before it is able to recover hit points from this feature again.

Well Defended

At 2nd level, your shield is your constant companion, and you know how to use it well. When you wield a shield, the bonus it grants to your AC is +3 instead of +2.

Favored Weapon

Beginning at 3rd level, the weapons you carry are as much a part of you as your teeth or hair. You may choose to favor one type of one-handed melee weapon. For you, that weapon’s damage die increases by one size, and it gains the Finesse property, if it didn’t have it already. If the weapon has the Versatile property, you may no longer gain any benefit from wielding it with two hands.

Extra Attack

At 5th level, you have honed your reflexes in combat, and your will suffuses your weapon. You may make an additional attack each time you take the Attack action, and your attacks with your Favored Weapon count as magical for the purposes of overcoming resistances and immunities. You gain one more attack at 11th level for a total of three attacks per Attack action, and a total of four at 20th level.


Even when your enemies think you are dead, you can turn their own ferocity against them. Starting at 7th level, once per long rest, you may use your reaction upon being hit with a melee weapon attack to deal the exact same amount of damage you take back on your attacker. If the damage you take would knock you unconscious or kill you, you make this attack before doing so.

Relentless Endurance

Starting at 9th level, your body has been toughened to endure punishment that would kill lesser beings. You require half the normal amount of food, water, and sleep, and make all saving throws against exhaustion with advantage. You make a saving throw any time you would gain a level of exhaustion.

Keen Reflexes

Your body has been trained to the point where you can act and neutralize threats almost without thought. Beginning at 13th level, you may add your proficiency bonus you your Initiative rolls.

Finishing Blow

You are ruthless toward your enemies, giving them no mercy. At 15th level, you may use your action to make a special attack against a prone enemy within 15 feet of you, leaping toward it and slamming your weapon into it with all your might. It must make a DC 20 Constitution saving throw or die on a failure. If it succeeds, it takes ten of your weapon’s normal damage die in damage. Leaping in this way does not provoke opportunity attacks.

Inescapable Eye

Your enemies can never truly escape you. At 17th level, whenever a creature takes the Disengage action before leaving your reach, you may make an opportunity attack against it with advantage. If you can still see the creature that tried to escape on your next turn, you may use a bonus action to fix its appearance and habits squarely in your mind. You automatically succeed on any ability checks to track it if it has not used magical means to hide its whereabouts, and may still make ability checks to track or find it if it has used magic to hide itself. You may only fix one creature in your mind at a time.

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