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Physical Description[edit]

They Preferred stability, honesty, humility, labor, balance, and hope for the future over corruption, corporatization, chaos, and unfree labor in a chaotic good way which defines their rebel theme. Their faction is built on the idea of Sanctuary which is an idea of a galaxy being free from fears, lies, anger, cruelty, greed, hatred, corruption, and other negative factors.

They don't succumb to pride, greed, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth, and lust. They have a lot of humility and compassion. Their race name vanguard is not a race or a group it's a creed, ideal, and geography dedicated to a bright future, valor, diligence, honor, honesty, labor (safe, free, and hard-working labor), hope, loyalty, courage, bravery, and humility. They look like humans but are aliens much like dwarfs, elves, halflings, and gnomes.

They have dark green, blue, red, teal, brown, black, silver, and purple hair colors and also have green, orange, blue, red, brown, steel, and lilac eye colors.


Wheat born=pale skin people from Westmarch

Sand born=middle eastern skin people from Salazar

Ocean born=Latin American skin people from Skull Island

Jungle born=African skin people from Wanaka

Plural race name[edit]

The Vanguard


Alternative names[edit]




Super Soldiers Rebels

Magic uses[edit]

Fire=Empowered forges.

Water=Heal wounds.

Earth=Jewels reproduction.

Air=Create oxygen.

Nature=Heal radiation sickness and poison.

Lightning=Creates Electricity.

Official motto[edit]

No Gods, no Masters just a hope for the future and a world without danger, greed, fears, or lies.

Type of Government[edit]

Federated Socialist League

Type of Faction[edit]

Independent Military Organization


The Vanguard is an honorable and Courage alien species that seeks to protect and defend the sick, helpless, weak, enslaved, and starving of other races from tyrants, the swarm, corrupt corporations, corrupt governments, demons, devils, dragons, goblins, and monsters and are much more honest about things. Their loyalty is unbreakable as they stand strong and have great courage and bravery. In there was no one of the vanguards that betray it for money or power and not even once a vanguard soldier, citizen or scientist have betrayed the vanguard Not for greed, not for gluttony and not for envy for their loyalty are an iron will and they Can't have mental disorders as their mental health is perfected.


The Vanguard has a classless system and likes to read and write they don't use any currency and its government can live without an economy sort of since they have Elemental mages that can use nature, water, fire, earth, electricity, and air to create food, materials, power, energy sources and electricity. They have few forms of entertainment such as theaters, plays, novel books, and parks. Their architecture is a mix of Siberia and Chechnya. They wear red and blue futuristic medieval shirts and pants though no shirt has words or symbols on them. They have good taste in science fiction books and don't rely on corporations for their manufacturing. Their technology is more different than normal humanity relying more on preserving life, vehicle transport, weapons and defense technology, supercomputers, architecture, agriculture, science, and clothing rather than things such as media, networks, artificial intelligence, satellites, and teleportation. They are liberal since they allow women and men of any race to join the Vanguard. The Vanguard's government and military colors are red and blue.


Their space ships, planets, star systems, vehicles, units, soldiers, armors, and weapons have greek, roman, Siberian and welsh mythologies like heroes, items, and creatures but not gods.


They are very good friends with miners, scientists, Kitsunes, Sykers, The Aleph order races such as Hylvorans, Alterrans, and Osarans, Jakuans, Elves, Tyrgards, gnomes, orcs, Cat-folk, Tabaxi, Lizard-folk, Dragonborn, and dwarfs. They are suspicious of androids and Despised corporates and Goblins due to both of them being greedy, thieves, criminals, and savage beasts.

Home world[edit]




Super soldier heroes[edit]

The Vanguard has a hero class system who each class would play key roles in war, adventures, and quests which are.

The Centurion is The warrior/fighter type of the 5 classes who fights with prowess, High damage, and skilled tactics with deadly laser weapons like assault rifles, machine guns, and assault rifles and heavy or medium or heavy power armor that is equal to plate armor and stronger than adamantine armor.

The Strider is the rogue and ranger type of the 5 classes who use stealth, long-range combat, wild west fighting, and guerilla tactics fighting with laser sniper rifles, pulse rifles, and knives and decked in medium power armor that is equal to leather and stronger than dragonhide leather.

The Vigilant is the wizard and sorcerer type of the 5 classes who uses elemental magic of earth, air, fire, water, and nature, laser scout rifles, and are suited up in light power armor equal to cloth power and 10 times stronger than regular cloth.

The Harbinger is the cleric of the 5 classes who are known as a combat medic that is skilled in weaponry such as laser rifles, shotguns, healing magic, and devices and is suited up in heavy power armor equal to chain mail and stronger than mithril.

The Shepherd is the support of the 5 classes who are known the engineer that is skilled in weaponry such as laser SMGs, drones and computer use and are suited up in any type of power armor.


The Akahalans came from the planet Rivalon along with the Sahrian, the Sargran, the Agathians, and the Cormen who were all human-like alien races that were different from each other and humans much like the species of the planet Faerun such as elves and dwarfs however the Akahalans and the other races were originally from the continent of Xolan but the dragons (who also inhabit the lands of Xolan) fought against the 5 races due to each race's technology, society and population progress and won and the races of Xolan fled to the continent of Haven. The races then formed civilizations such as the Akahalan Empire, the Corman Commonwealth, Agathian Covenant, the Sargran Alliance, the Sahrian Union. Then everything changed when the orcs native to Haven fought against the races due to fear of foreign invaders with superior technology and much like the dragons have won however this was not with a dark outcome the races eventually made peace with the orcs and together they live in perfect harmony and the races have made more technological progress such as space travel to the other two planets filled with life that are in Rivalon's star system, Alchemy and over time the races created more technology, magic, and science creating a starship device that makes the ship no longer need fuel and crystals that can power equipment power armors and laser weapons with unlimited power and no need to reload respectively.

Eventually, the races discovered Star-slash drives which were equivalent to warp drives, and travel the stars there on the planet of Vaircul which they formed the Coalition and the Corman created Its own corporation called Charon INC who specialized in weapons development, robot manufacturing, and cybernetic and cyborg enhancements. During 501 ARTS a planet was destroyed by an accidental explosion caused by a Charon research facility and Charon was exposed for unethical experiments, corporate espionage, unethical research, unfair treatment and harassment of minor personal employees, unequal pay, extorting people, and fraud.

Charon president Ryaku Magnus explained he wanted to create Manticore which was something like this “Is a mortal not entitled to the sweat of his brow. 'No' says the man in Agatha it belongs to the poor! 'No' says the Salarian human it belongs to the gods! 'No' says the Akahalan it belongs to everyone! I rejected those answers. I choose something else. I choose the Impossible. I choose... Manticore. A world where the artists would not fear censors. Were the scientists are not bound by petty morality. Where the great are not constrained by the small and with the sweat of your brow Manticore can become your place as well.” as said by the Charon president. In the aftermath, many people demanded the Coalition that the Charon corporation be held responsible but unfortunately the government was too blind to lift a finger.

Ultimately one Akahalan faction known as the Sons of Faros an rebellion who was formally an independent military organization known as the Starborn brigade who are the precursors to the Sons of Faros who are the precursor to the Vanguard began a rebellion against Astraeus overthrowing the Coalition government and the corporation and forced them into exile eventually The Sons of Faros resettled to the 3rd planet of the star system named Faros and made the planet their Homeworld renamed as Elysium the Vanguard eventually thanks to alchemy and chemistry they created a serum with special plants, Galathite crystals, Jovezen gas (a substance similar to Terrazine gas from StarCraft) and special herbs that creates super soldiers giving them enhanced strength, speed, agility, willpower, dexterity, endurance, and intelligence and made them no longer hunger or thirst. However the leader of the vanguard Father Valoth knows the Charon is still out there somewhere wanting to get their revenge and in the meantime, the vanguard is preparing for them while also keeping an eye out for the Forsaken.


Vanguard names are a mix of the following Yakut Siberian, Latin, and Medieval Welsh, (examples like Aeroth, Aykhal, Vorhal, Alden, Calem, Frodo, and Sareth for males Skarlet, Kylen, Reyja, Kira, Cathey, and Alysara for females)

Vanguard Traits[edit]

Vanguards are the Rebellion might.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 1 and your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Age. The lifespan of most Vanguards can outlast every race including elves, dwarfs, and gnomes range from 18 to 6000 years. Their lifespans being largely linked to their species Evolution.
Alignment. Due to their Idea of giving food to starving colonies, dislike of the nobility, and their revolutionary, rebellious, and resistant attitude give them a Chaotic Good alignment.
Size. The Vanguards are the same size as humans which is a medium stature. The males are 5' 11" in height while the females are 5' 6" in height.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Combat Training. You gain ranged weapon and medium armor proficiency.
Serum Effects. Due to the Super-soldier serum, you are proficient in the Acrobatics and Athletics skills.
Super Training. You gain advantage to Wisdom based ability checks when in combat.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Akahalian (Mix of Welsh Siberian and Latin), Common, and one other language of your choice.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

5′ 11'' +0 185 lb. × (0) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)


This race was made because I play a lot of Starfall online and also because of my passion for science fantasy, space opera, and space fantasy genre with my favorite movie series being star wars with Episode 9 (my brother cried with joy and the audience clapped so it was the best movie in 2019 second only to avengers endgame) being my favorite and my favorite video games being F.E.A.R series and Dawn of war 2 retribution This race I made is not effected by pride, greed, and hunger because it’s nonexistent to them since magic can make food, metal, and power.

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By Sheep Cake
This is the banner of the vanguard Note I don't own this picture this is from Starfall Online it belongs to the original owner Snowforge Entertainment

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