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Fighter Subclass

The vanguard is the leading force in any military advance. The first line of attack in a charge, you know how to engage the enemy and drive them back with your unwavering resolve and brutal might. As a result of this, the subclass is focused around the first strike ability and its sustain in order to be relevant after its initial attack.

Initiation Expert

When you choose this fighter subclass at 3rd level, your speed increases by 10ft, and another 5ft at 10th level. You may also add your proficiency bonus to initiative rolls.

First Strike

Charging into battle and dealing the first blow is your forte. At 3rd level, on your turn, you can move up to your speed in a straight line toward a hostile creature you can see as a bonus action and take the attack action against that creature. Alternatively, you can move up to your speed at the start of combat, at the top of initiative order and forgo your action on the first round of combat and make one weapon attack against the target. On a hit, the creature must succeed on a Strength saving throw or is knocked prone (DC = 8 + proficiency + strength). This only applies on the first attack to hit. You can use this feature once per short or long rest at 3rd level going up to twice at 10th level and three times at 18th.

The amount of weapon attacks you can make with the feature follows your extra attack progression in the fighter leveling table.

Battle Fervor

At 7th level, whenever you use your Action Surge, you gain advantage on attack rolls until the end of your turn.


Starting at 10th level, your second wind now heals you for 2d10 + you fighter level + Proficiency Bonus

Relentless Assault

Starting at 15th level, when you use your first strike ability to engage an enemy, all your attacks on that turn deal extra damage equal to your Strength modifier + proficiency bonus.

Battle Drunk

Starting at 18th level, at the start of each of your turns if you have less than half your hit points and you are not incapacitated, you regain 5 + your Constitution modifier hit points. This persists for a minute after you fall bellow half HP or until you are out of combat. You regain this feature on a long rest.

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