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Vampires are very varied creatures, not dissimilar to humans. However, vampires do have some stereotypes. Vampires are generally rather seductive and tricky, with occasional malicious content. Humans will often get drawn to their mysterious ways.

Physical Description[edit]

Vampires generally appear very similar in appearance to humans, with slightly altered traits. Their skin can be exceptionally pale, almost pure white, or it can retain the usual take of the person. The person will also have red eyes, and will usually have black hair. A pair of sharp fangs replace their most prominent canines.


Vampires are disliked by many races, as they must feed off living creatures. They are generally viewed as adversities by people.


Vampires tend to be evil, but do not need to be by any means.


Vampires can live anywhere, but they must be able to have a reliable source of shade or darkness to spend time in in order to survive.


Vampires are able to worship any gods, having no set deity.


Vampires begin play speaking common, and with high intelligence scores can learn any languages.


Vampires name their kind in the same way that humans do.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Charisma, +2 Dexterity, −2 Constitution: Vampires have silver tongues and are very agile, but their disease doesn't help them resist damage.
  • Undead (Human): Vampires are humans afflicted with the curse of undeath.
  • Medium: No bonuses
  • Vampire base land speed is 30 feet: And they have a 20 foot fly speed in their bat form.
  • Blood Drain (Ex): Vampires have a 1d6 natural bite attack. If this attack is successful, they begin to drain blood from the target, inflicting 1 point of Constitution damage every round. Doing this heals you by 1d4 damage every round if the creature is a human, elf, dwarf, or a similar race (ask your DM). However, continuing to drain blood means that they cannot take any actions that would separate them from the target, including attack another target.
  • Bat Form (Sp): A vampire is able to transform into a bat twice a day, for a number of rounds equal to (Dexterity modifier +2) x 2.
  • Body of Death (Ex): Vampires have damage reduction equal to DR/5 for fire, cold or electricity. Select one.
  • Lifeblood (Ex): In order to survive, a vampire must drink 1-2 pints of human, Elven, dwarven or other (see Blood Drain) blood a day in place of food. They starve without it, the same as a human. They can drink animal blood instead, but it results in them talking 1 point of permanent Constitution damage every day after 2 weeks.
  • The Repulsant (Su): Vampires are sickened if they come within 5 feet of a mirror, garlic, or a religious symbol.
  • Daylight Sensitivity (Ex): A vampire is fine for 10 minutes in daylight, gains fatigue for 30 minutes after, then bursts into flames, taking 10d6 damage per round until they die or enter shade.
  • Immortality (Ex): Vampires are ageless.
  • Automatic Languages: Common Bonus Languages: Any
  • Favored Class: Rogue
  • Level Adjustment: +0

Vital Statistics[edit]

|+ Table: Vampire Random Height and Weight |- style="white-space: nowrap;" ! style="text-align: left;" | Gender || Base Height || Height Modifier || Base Weight || Weight Modifier |- style="white-space: nowrap;" | style="text-align: left;" | Male || 5'10" || +5" || 160 lb. || × (4) lb. |- class="even" style="white-space: nowrap;" | style="text-align: left;" | Female || 5'5" || +3" || 125 lb. || × (4) lb. |}

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