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Amazingly strong and impossibly fast, these blood-leeching cousins of the vampires use cunning to kill...

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'9" - 6'9"
Average Weight: 90-140 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Strength and +2 Charisma or Intellgience
Size: Medium
Speed: 7 squares
Vision: Darkvision
Languages: Common
Skill Bonuses: +2 stealth +2 intimidate
Vampiric speed: You gain a +1 racial bonus to your speed when charging.
Vampiric Strength: You gain a +2 racial bonus to Strength checks made to break objects.
Draining bite: You can use draining bite as an encounter power.

Draining Bite Vampaneze Racial Power
You react instinctively against the foe who hurt you, biting with your shining fangs and draining an immense amount of blood.
Encounter Star.gif Necrotic
Immediate Reaction Melee 1
Trigger: An adjacent creature's attack bloodies you or dazes you.
Target: The creature that bloodied or dazed you
Attack: Charisma + 2 Vs. Fortitude
Hit: 1d6 necrotic damage. You gain temporary hit points equal to your Charisma modifier.
  • Level 11: Strength + 4, 2d6 necrotic damage
  • Level 21: Strength + 6, 3d6 necrotic damage

The Vampaneze are a race born of the fused blood between Lloth and the Raven Queen. They started out as great scholars and knights, using their longevity and immortality to pursue goals that exist outside of a mortal lifetime. Near the peek of their success, some of their greatest and wisest elders began to simply perish, crumpling to dust or bursting into flames where they stood. They prayed to their to patron goddesses and begged for a solution. After a long amount of study, the two came up with an answer: their blood was to conflicting and the Vampaneze needed a more substantial life-force to live on. Such a life-force could only be found in one substance and one substance only, known as blood.

Play an Vampaneze if you want...

  • To be strong and charismatic
  • To be impossibly fast and daring
  • To be able to drain the blood out of people
  • To be a member of a race that favors the rogue, fighter, wizard, and sorcerer classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Vampaneze are slender, brutish and ballistic.They are humanoids with red pupiless eyes, they have purple,blue or red skin and are the democratic cousins of Vampires(undead).The Vampaneze were originally created by Lloth and the Raven Queen, whereas the Vampires were created by Kord and Sehanine.There still are pure blood Vampaneze but most are blooded humans(blooding is a ritual when a Vampaneze exchanges a bit of his or her blood with a human, turning the human into a Vampaneze).You may choose to be a blooded human or a pure blood.The Vampaneze were gifted with speed and strength.Their wild natures and charismatic sheen also qualifies many members of the race as sorcerers. Because of their large amount of life-force and magical blood, Vampaneze can copy information, memory, and even skills by exchanging their blood with others of their race.

Playing a Vampaneze[edit]

Vampaneze are shady characters.They have capability to withstand such silent methods.They can always rely on other vampaneze to aid them, regardless of alignment.They can also trace other vampaneze through mental signals and communicate telepathically to vampaneze that they have met before.To play a vampaneze is to choose a life of secret society and democracy and resort to fighting(and mostly winning!)battles when extremely necessary.

Vampaneze Characteristics: Strong, honorable, swift, cunning, regal, accommodating.

Male Names: Human and Drow names

Female Names: Human and Drow names

Vampaneze Adventurers[edit]

Three sample vampaneze adventurers are described below.

Xulgos is a Vampaneze sorcerer who specializes in wild magic. As a child Xulgos enjoyed himself and his early riches. One day a letter reached him and inside the letter was an invitation to a ball thrown for the minister. During the ball, Xulgos was attacked by several vampires.Vampaneze blood, which was lying dormant in his veins, erupted forward and he slaughtered all the unwanted attackers. Since then, his blood was now fully vampaneze and he joined a group of adventurers whom he helps find monsters on which he must feed.

Kathari is a Vampaneze rogue with a savage addiction to blood. She strips every opponent dry and once she starts, she won't stop until their are no more opponents to feed upon. Being blooded as an infant, she hated blood and refrained from drinking it at all times. When she turned thirteen, blood became a necessity and she almost died if not for accidentally cutting an attacking dire-boar. She went ballistic and the unfortunate boar was sucked dry. That was the first blood she had ever drank. Today she travels with a group of adventurers who wish to loot the greatest dungeons. They now have the most effective crowd control weapon to aid their plunders: Kathari.

Drhisdaun is a Vampaneze wizard who dedicates all of his free time to studying the Arcane arts. Being part of a poor family,his sisters would steal money while he would steal spell books and various items that would enhance his magical potential. When his sisters were caught stealing money by a burly town guard, he used what he thought was going meager magical potential. What came out was far beyond his years or his study and he awakened the Vampaneze blood lying dormant inside of him. When he realized his potential, he decided to join a group of adventurers to earn money for his family. Currently, they own a large inn built on an estate.

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