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/Rant Zone[edit]

Why does everyone bring up wizard or rogue when talking about balance far a class? If a class is better in every way than a similar class, (ie the manifesting warrior compares to soulknife or fighter) then its probably overpowered, even if a wizard can cast meteor swarm for ridiculous BS or rogue can sneak attack for 10d6 dmg.

Also, why does everyone act as though a rogue auto-magically full attack sneak attacks every round when comparing its damage to anything elses? A standard rogue in flanking position on a major opponent like a balor or something is asking to be murdered, and most other ways of making the opponent flatfooted without outside help take enough action that you cant full attack in the same round. In addition, rogue is balanced (in fact, possibly underpowered) because many things a party will fight are immune to sneak attack, rendering the rogue nearly useless for some fights.u

I think it's funny when I go back to a class I haven't worked on in a while, and don't recognize my own fluff, and have to check the history to assure myself that someone isn't helping me.

Sometimes I wish I could edit the SRD pages to fix the typos and bad links.

Pasta Copy Zone[edit]

I will put some templates here so I can copy them.


{{SUBST:Welcome Message|--~~~~}}

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