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I have not played D&D much, so here's the reason for my problems with balance and stuff (not to mention my rusty wiki-editing skills). I have read the rulebooks (really, they're quite interesting), though they don't give much in terms of making your own stuff (which I like to do. A lot). So, my current obsession is Donkeytale (a story become campaign setting). If you've noticed, I switch writing style sometimes (see especially glossary vs. history in my campaign setting. In case you were wondering, I write like the history usually, but due to the obvious absurdity of Garduinius, I wrote like glossary there. And of course it's more fun sometimes to explain things in this way. (You mean which? Hm...). Due to the amount of French words, pronunciations, and accents on letters that I use (and how much French and its importance is discussed), you might think I'm French. I'm not. I don't even speak French (at least not fluently, anyways). Also, I'm Canadian, so you probably think I spell funny. I guess you can change the spelling if you like, since I don't really pay enough attention to spelling unless Firefox flags it (and changing my browser's dictionary to American English is somewhat impractical since I can spell normally in most other places). The same goes for Celsius degrees and metric measurements. Some places are obviously more picky about it, so I did some approximate conversions there, but for things like centimetres to inches or kilograms to pounds, it makes things a bit too complicated.

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