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Alternative Names: Power Ranker, Content Evaluation Index

this is the page for a project I've been working on in concept for a while now intended to help smooth a lot of things out on the wiki. finally got it started, await more updates eventually

this whole thing is planned out very holistically, I just need to get in a writing mood

The Power Scale[edit]

Rank 1[edit]

HPS 1 Proto.png

Literally unplayable. Go ahead, just try.

  • Theoretical minimum; something literally unplayable like a dead player-character
  • guaranteed to be considered april fools

Rank 2[edit]

HPS 2 Proto.png

So underpowered as to be nearly unplayable. If you're insane or like a challenge, go for it.

  • will most likely be considered april fools

Rank 3[edit]

HPS 3 Proto.png

Underpowered compared to even the least optimal vanilla content, but playable.

  • has a chance of being considered april fools

Rank 4[edit]

HPS 4 Proto.png

Equivalent to vanilla content that ranks below the curve on power.

  • Suboptimal vanilla, poor race/class combinations (orc wizard), true strike, kobold, dragonborn, ranger (non-revised)

Rank 5[edit]

HPS 5 Proto.png

The Vanilla-est of the Vanilla, any +1,+2 race, casually-made race-class combinations; no more likely to break the game than a human fighter.

  • If you can replace the 'human' in 'human fighter' with another race, and there's no change in scope, you're here.
  • If you can replace the 'fighter' in 'human fighter' with another class, and there's no change in scope, you're here.

Rank 6[edit]

HPS 6 Proto.png

Equivalent to the higher end of vanilla content, but still falls within the scope of it.

  • Human variant, optimized configuration of vanilla content, maximum optimized race/class combinations(gnome wizard), lizardfolk

Rank 7[edit]

HPS 7 Proto.png

More powerful than standard vanilla content, but not so much so as to break the game.

  • expanded optimal strategy, more powerful than standard vanilla content, but not powerful enough to derail a game on its own
  • allows for a more optimized build for a certain trait than possible with vanilla content
  • slightly misusable, but with standard limitations
  • these are pages on the wiki most likely to be contested over

Rank 8[edit]

HPS 8 Proto.png

The equivalent in power to a single wish spell. If you allow this in your game, either make sure you trust the player you allow to use the content to not abuse it or be prepared to cleverly deal with any abuse that comes up.

  • the equivalent of a single wish spell in terms of abusabilty. A player can just as easily wish for ten cookies as they can for the BBEG to be dead. One-hit KOing all enemies at your challenge rating(?)
  • misusable, but has acceptable limitations
  • could also be compared to an epic boon

Rank 9[edit]

HPS 9 Proto.png

The equivalent in power to unlimited wish spells. If you allow this content in your game, be prepared for it to break everything.

  • unlimited wish spells, God (5e Race)
  • highly misusable with very few limitations
  • very likely to be considered april fools

Rank 10[edit]

HPS 10 Proto.png

This content is literally equivalent to the DM in power. Why.

  • Theoretical maximum. No matter what shenanigans happens in a game, the DM always has final say and the ability to say "No." a la Rule 0. Content of this power encroaches on that
  • If it exists, it's gonna be april fools.
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