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The original authors of the Tome material didn't like issuing errata. Here's a collection of issues that have been come across in the time since the release, and suggested fixes.

  • Fighters: change skill points to 4 + int per level (from 6 + int per level). This is less of a Fighter nerf than it is a Rogue buff -- Fighters just got too much benefit from skill feats, which were supposed to benefit rogues the most.
  • Clarify the Blitz feat's BAB +1 ability to only work on melee attacks. This just provides too much benefit for ranged attacks, as seen in some Fighter builds.
  • Insightful Strike feat: not necessarily "broken" yet, but the ability to increase your crit multiplier is something that should be carefully watched. Possible change: increase crit multiplier by 1, instead of doubling.
  • It would be good for the Tome material if the descriptions of certain abilities and class features were tightened to prevent misinterpretation, including supplying a more thorough documentation on ability duration, limits to their usage, and the types of actions required in order to use them. Prime example being the later fighting styles of the Tome version Monk.
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