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  1. Giant's Grasp (5e Feat)
  2. Great Spell Master (5e Feat)
  3. Greater Scorpio Awakening (5e Feat)
  4. Guard movement (5e Feat)
  5. Heavy Critical (5e Feat)
  6. Heavy Weapon Juggernaut (5e Feat)
  7. Honor Guard (5e Feat)
  8. Human Adaptability (5e Feat)
  9. Hybrid Prowess (5e Feat)
  10. Immortal Inurement (5e Feat)
  11. Inherent Yardratian Magic (5e Feat)
  12. Intellectual Strike (3.5e Feat)
  13. Javelin Master (5e Feat)
  14. Keeper of Chains (5e Feat)
  15. Lancer (5e Feat)
  16. Lancer, Variant (5e Feat)
  17. Legmaster (5e Feat)
  18. Magic Blacksmith (5e Feat)
  19. Martial Caster (5e Feat)
  20. Martial Master (5e Feat)
  21. Mighty Breath (5e Feat)
  22. Monkey Grip (3.5e Tome Feat)
  23. Mortal Draw (5e Feat)
  24. Muscle Magic (5e Feat)
  25. Natural Entertainer (5e Feat)
  26. Opportune Attack (5e Feat)
  27. Optimized Implant (5e Feat)
  28. Orcish Power (5e Feat)
  29. Pact Leader (5e Feat)
  30. Photographic memory (5e Feat)
  31. Polearm Prodigy (5e Feat)
  32. Powerful Thrower (5e Feat)
  33. Powerful Wielder (5e Feat)
  34. Prepared (5e Feat)
  35. Proficient Summoner (5e Feat)
  36. Pufferfish Triton (5e Feat)
  37. Queen of Collars (5e Feat)
  38. Resistive (5e Feat)
  39. Riposte (5e Feat)
  40. Road Racer (5e Feat)
  41. Savage Spellcaster (5e Feat)
  42. Scorpio Magic Bond (5e Feat)
  43. Self Healing (5e Feat)
  44. Shadow Lord (3.5e Feat)
  45. Shadow Walker (5e Feat)
  46. Simple Weapons Expert (5e Feat)
  47. Smiting Warrior (5e Feat)
  48. Sorcerer Adept (5e Feat)
  49. Soul Swap (5e Feat)
  50. Spell Master, Variant (5e Feat)
  51. Stair Ambulator (5e Feat)
  52. Stalker (5e Feat)
  53. Static Saunter (5e Feat)
  54. Steadfast Summoner (5e Feat)
  55. Student of the Arcane (5e Feat)
  56. Sunlight Acclimated (5e Feat)
  57. Superior Endurance (5e Feat)
  58. Supreme Two-Weapon Fighting (5e Feat)
  59. The Great Learner (5e Feat)
  60. The Netbook of Feats Credits
  61. The Netbook of Feats Declaration of Open Gaming Content
  62. The Netbook of Feats Disclaimers
  63. The Netbook of Feats Introduction
  64. The Netbook of Feats Rating System
  65. The Netbook of Feats Special Features
  66. The Netbook of Feats Welcome!
  67. Third Hand Marksman (5e Feat)
  68. Trained Regular Infantryman (5e Feat)
  69. Trance (5e Feat)
  70. Unarmed Master (5e Feat)
  71. Unarmored Defense Expert (5e Feat)
  72. Unwieldy Strength (5e Feat)
  73. Unyielding Justice (5e Feat)
  74. Weapon Specialist, Variant (5e Feat)
  75. Wing Strength (5e Feat)
  76. Wyvernlings Claws (5e Feat)
  77. Zircon's Deductions (5e Feat)
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