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  1. 3.5e Spelltouched Feats
  2. 3.5e Succedaneum Feats
  3. 3.5e Tauren Feats
  4. 3.5e Technician Feats
  5. 3.5e Variant Feats
  6. 3.5e Vengeance Feats
  7. 3.5e Warlock Feats
  8. 3.5e Weapon Summoner Feats
  9. 3.5e Witch Feats
  10. 3.5e Witchcraft Feats
  11. 3.5e Wordcasting Feats
  12. 5e Feat Preload
  13. Abhorrent Mutation (5e Feat)
  14. Absolute Strength (5e Feat)
  15. Accursed Healer (5e Feat)
  16. Adaptable Shaping (5e Feat)
  17. Add New Archetype Feat
  18. Agile Evader (5e Feat)
  19. Aikido, Variant (5e Feat)
  20. Alluring Defense (5e Feat)
  21. Archery Prodigy (5e Feat)
  22. Armor Savant (5e Feat)
  23. Athletic Swimmer (5e Feat)
  24. Bearer of Strength (5e Feat)
  25. Better Dragonmark (5e Feat)
  26. Black Mantle Feats
  27. Bludgeoner (5e Feat)
  28. Calculate trajectory (5e Feat)
  29. Calm Precision (5e Feat)
  30. Charismatic Presence (5e Feat)
  31. Combat Trained (5e Feat)
  32. Cover Mode (5e Feat)
  33. Deadshot (5e Feat)
  34. Death Hungry (5e Feat)
  35. Disjunction (5e Spell)
  36. DnD Netbook of Feats
  37. Dragon Slayer (D20 Modern Feat)
  38. Dune Walker Feats
  39. Emberfrost Fighter (5e Feat)
  40. Enthralling Charm (5e Feat)
  41. Eye for the opportunity (5e Feat)
  42. Fast Learner, Variant (5e Feat)
  43. Feat Fetish (5e Feat)
  44. Finesse Fighting (5e Feat)
  45. Firearm Flourish (5e Feat)
  46. Flamboyance (5e Feat)
  47. Flight, Half-Dragon (5e Feat)
  48. Free Diver (5e Feat)
  49. Giant's Grasp (5e Feat)
  50. Great Spell Master (5e Feat)
  51. Greater Scorpio Awakening (5e Feat)
  52. Heavy Critical (5e Feat)
  53. Heavy Weapon Juggernaut (5e Feat)
  54. Human Adaptability (5e Feat)
  55. Hybrid Prowess (5e Feat)
  56. Immortal Inurement (5e Feat)
  57. Ki Regeneration (5e Feat)
  58. Lancer (5e Feat)
  59. Light Weapon Master (5e Feat)
  60. Magic Blacksmith (5e Feat)
  61. Maneuver Master(5e Feat)
  62. Master Sorcerer (5e Feat)
  63. Monkey Grip (3.5e Tome Feat)
  64. Mortal Draw (5e Feat)
  65. Muscle magic (5e Feat)
  66. Natural Entertainer (5e Feat)
  67. Orcish Power (5e Feat)
  68. Panache (5e Feat)
  69. Perceptual Reality (5e Feat)
  70. Photographic memory (5e Feat)
  71. Powerful Thrower (5e Feat)
  72. Proficient Summoner (5e Feat)
  73. Pufferfish Triton (5e Feat)
  74. Resistive (5e Feat)
  75. Riposte (5e Feat)
  76. Road Racer (5e Feat)
  77. Savage Spellcaster (5e Feat)
  78. Scorpio Magic Bond
  79. Shadow Walker (5e Feat)
  80. Soul Swap (5e Feat)
  81. Speed Demon (5e Feat)
  82. Steadfast Summoner (5e Feat)
  83. Sunlight Acclimated (5e Feat)
  84. Superior Endurance (5e Feat)
  85. Supreme Two-Weapon Fighting (5e Feat)
  86. The Great Learner (5e Feat)
  87. The Netbook of Feats Credits
  88. The Netbook of Feats Declaration of Open Gaming Content
  89. The Netbook of Feats Disclaimers
  90. The Netbook of Feats Introduction
  91. The Netbook of Feats Rating System
  92. The Netbook of Feats Special Features
  93. The Netbook of Feats Welcome!
  94. Third Hand Marksman (5e Feat)
  95. Trained Regular Infantryman (5e Feat)
  96. Trance (5e Feat)
  97. Two-Weapon Master (5e Feat)
  98. Ultimate Durability, Variant (5e Feat)
  99. Unarmed Master
  100. Utility Magic Caster (5e Feat)
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