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The Skwyd[edit]

I've been playing D&D since 1981. I started with the old "Basic D&D" from the blue box set, progressed to AD&D 1st and 2nd edition soon thereafter, played D&D 3.0, and finally settled into D&D 3.5.

I have a fair amount of experience as a DM under the 3.5 rule set. Right now, I'm playing in a long-term 3.5 campaign (which will probably evolve into a 4E campaign) and DMing a 3.5 campaign using the Pathfinder series from Paizo Publishing.

I think my style is fairly balanced between the role-playing and the "roll" playing styles. I enjoy a good story line and character development. At the same time, the mechanics of the game do intrigue me. I realise there are several "broken" game mechanics, but I think with a good DM and good players anything can be overcome to make a fun gaming experience. I'm hoping that the 4E ruleset will honestly address many of the balance issues without creating a bunch of new issues. I guess we'll all see next May...

I'm always interested in hearing about character concepts and campaign stories.

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