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Sir Milo Teabag is the author of the Equinox Mountain Kingdoms (3.5e Campaign Setting). His favorite authors include people like Peter Kreeft and C.S. Lewis, and exclude people like Jack Chick.

Although inexperienced on the Wiki, he hopes to learn more about it and eventually become a decent contributer.

He also created the Land of Nonsense, the first existing Wiki Environment.

Most importantly of all, his birthday is February 4: The same as the DND Wiki's!

Happy birthday to both! I will have to leave the Wiki for a while, as I have given up the internet for Lent. --Sir Milo Teabag 15:30, 4 February 2008 (MST)
Hooray! Lent is over at last!

Odd, huh?

personal Junk[edit]

I'm Roman Catholic
I believe that it is possible to be a Christian DM and run a Christian Campaign
My least favorite kind of food is the banana
I like Eberron.
I like order of the stick
Nobody cares about this stuff!

Stuff for me to do[edit]

Get Dashing Swordsman rated-check
Create decent Multiclassing feats
Invent a decent Dueling variant rule
find out what the heck a planar shephard is.-check
Invent a caster version of the Dashing Swordsman.
Continue the Hero-bard baby
Bring back the Dashing Swordsman: rating and Featured Article.
Create a contagious epic spell.

Contributions made[edit]

Not Many. Still...

I have made a few. These are not all of them, but are my favorite ones, and ones which I enjoy most.

Equinox Mountain Kingdoms (3.5e Campaign Setting)
[[Dashing Swordsman (3.5e Prestige Class)]]
The 2nd prestige class to ever be rated 10 out of 10!
[[Bowelbuster liquid (3.5e Equipment)]]
[[Hero-Bard of Awesomeness (3.5e Character Optimization)]]
Land of Nonsense (3.5e Environment)
[[Mount Equinox (3.5e Environment)]]
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