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I go by Sgnlnnc on here and kudos to those whom figure out what that means. I also have the nickname Kermit incase you see that as well. I live in Ohio and have been playing D&D for a very long time. I own a house and life happens so don't expect me on here consistantly. Thanks to Ramses IV for correcting my spelling errors.

I enjoy many different RPG systems and each has its own pros and cons. I am planning on building a world in Birthright type setting but it will take a lot of work. Not sure how messages on here work but feel free to send me an e-mail or on my talk page.

Borderline Dork[edit]

I don't look like the typical gamer and I'm only borderline dork. When my friend sent me a text message while in class 'Gygax has died' it didn't register right away. Sure I heard the name but I wasn't sure if he was talking about a pet or a player of our group.

I like to play soccer and volleyball and usually rollerblade if weather permits it. My time on here will come and go depending on other variables in my life.

My current project[edit]

I have updated some UA Variant Rules and I may continue that in the future. I am compiling a list of all the spells, feats, equipment, armor, etc. from various 3.0 or 3.5 books. Oh, I also have a list of over 170 playable races from the various books thus far.


Just put something in the subject line like "D&DWiki" so I won't delete as spam.


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