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Septyr Caleb[edit]

Aspiring GM with a penchant for storytelling and an extreme dissatisfaction with things not being absolutely perfect for his uses.


If a system or subsystem is even slightly imperfect for his uses, he will completely overhaul it in order to make it perfect. While his Doctor and Card Dealer, Variant, classes are the main examples you can find on this wiki, he has done this many times before. In fact, he is rewriting all of Fallout PnP for his own personal use because a few things just don't feel right to him.


Not one to use exactly what is presented, he will create entire worlds and histories for any reason or no reason at all. While he does adopt work done by others as a baseline, he will sometimes put in his own additions to make each setting stand out. On this Wiki, you can find one such example with his Selvari subrace of elves.

Elf Lover[edit]

Graceful, aloof, almost innocent. He could very well be an Elf Supremacist. Typically choosing an elven race for their advanced knowledge and wisdom due to their extended lifespans, Septyr Caleb has a definite comfort zone. While he does try and branch out to other (albeit lesser) races, Elves will always hold a special place in his heart.

Just don't make it weird, ok?


A group of people trying to make videos. Currently, they are rewriting their one and only series.

Yeah, nothing else here right now. We'll see if I have more to say later.

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