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Uh.. Who?[edit]

I dunno man. I'm a 20 year old male, resident of the US, I've been playing D&D on and off since 2016. Didn't even realize that homebrew was a thing that existed until about half a year ago, and it excites me greatly. I plan on making homebrew classes here, I'd like to think as I do it'll help me understand the game from a mechanical standpoint which will help me be a better DM, as well as a better creator.

Current Articles[edit]

Necromancer (True Villains) [1] I made this for the most part because my friend wanted to use another Necromancer class, and I didn't personally like that it didn't let you raise dead until about 5th level if I remember correctly. So, I homebrewed an item based on the webcomic True Villains, Bone Powder, and then I thought "What if I created a class that functioned similarly but was based more in that universe?" So yeah, that's how that happened.

DM Cluckery[edit]

I'm running a 5e Campaign called Melioda. Once I get more of that written down, I might try and make an article in here or something like that.

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