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I will be contributing whatever random ideas come to me, as well as unplayable or retired NPCs, and other highlights from my DnD adventures of the past couple years. I was a math major (as can be partially seen by my stat probabilities article!) but have since dropped out of college, persuing a dream.


Future Faerun Campaign[edit]

Awhile ago, I had a campaign that was set approx 300 years in the future in the world of Faerun. It was in the midst of a war between two Empires; Thay and Lantan, who had since grown in power and were trying to essentially take over the world. In the middle was the Alliance, and Halruua (who is non-aligned).

It looks like I'm never really going to get to play this out in a group, so I'm going to start adding stuff onto here when I have the time. There will be all sorts of NPCs, new monsters, items, and general world information. Hopefully these ideas will perhaps come into use for someone, or at the least be interesting. If I do actually get to play it out someday, then all of it will be right here for my reference!--Sand-reckoner 00:12, 24 October 2006 (MDT)

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