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hey people! my page is a bit scarce, but thats mainly because i'm mainly too lazy to write one out. anyway, if i ever accidentally logout during an edit/post again (shhh, its happened) that those posts will either be from my computer ( or from my ipad (

About Me[edit]

As a player of RPGs, i started in 2012 with my own shiny new 4e Redbox. from there i moved on to 5e almost as soon as it was released, and have been avidly playing since then. Ultimately, i have Dungeon Mastered significantly more than i've played, as i for some reason keep finding my self being Voluntold to DM (which is fine though, because i love it) My favourite Classes are Wizard, Bard, and Fighter. My First post came about a year ago, with a background i called... "Dwarven Battlemaster." Frankly, it was terrible, but after some help (shoutout to Kydo and Marasmusine) it was improved, and can now be found in it's shiny new form, the Battlesmith


After creating the battlesmith, the idea was tossed about to do some race-specific backgrounds. I have started this trend with my contributions, the battlesmith (feat. Kydo) and the Sentinel, backgrounds meant for dwarves and elves, respectively. anyone who wants to help out should try and keep in mind, that while the backgrounds are meant for specific races, they should be worded vaguely enough that the background can be used by PCs of all races (well, most races- sorry Half-orc, but no battlesmith or sentinel for you)

(PS- Kydo is a god amongst men)

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