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Some thoughts on greatclubs and other blunt instruments ...

The Greatclub is, stats-wise, one of the worst weapons in its class. For those without easy access to the SRD (..which is no-one reading this, since the links are obvious), the Greatclub is a Martial weapon that does d10 bludgeoning damage when sized for a Medium user, has a standard critical range, costs 5gp, and weighs 8 pounds.

This weapon is outclassed in almost EVERY way by others. The Heavy Flail is another two-handed martial weapon doing d10 bludgeoning damage, but has a wider threat range (19-20, the only standard bludgeon with that range) and a bonus on trips and disarms, and all for 15gp and 10 pounds--a cost easy to justify to a warrior, and the weight is no real issue. In fact, the Warhammer puts up a good fight, too--one-handed martial doing d8 damage, x3 critical, 5lbs, 12gp--so you can at least shield yourself. And the Maul (from Complete Warrior) can function as a d10 two-handed martial weapon, with an Exotic Weapon Proficiency slot available to make it one-handed, x3 critical, and 15gp as well. (The book prints it as 20lbs, but the warmace with an actual AC penalty for weight is shown as 10, so I think this is a misprint.)

I've also always had a soft spot for, as depicted in a Hagar the Horrible parody, the 'big honking mallet' type of weapon, and saw that while you could have a warhammer at d8 (and, later, a maul at d10), nothing was available at d12 (and I don't like the Warmace idea anyway).

Here's my proposed idea:

  • Downgrade the Greatclub to a Simple weapon. Keep the other stats.
  • Add another hammer to the two-handed martial weapons. While a 'sledgehammer' is on the site here, I don't like the way it's written up, and I'd favour a different writeup: d12, bludgeoning, two-handed martial, 20lbs, 20gp.
  • Leave the maul at its current spot, but 10lbs.
Add your own version of the greatclub. I see where you are coming from, it is underpowered. If you so want add your own - I am sure their is someone thinking your same thought and your version would be better. --Green Dragon 18:34, 4 February 2007 (MST)
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