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Hello! I am TheSuperDodo (formerly known as PokeLinkEs), and I wrote a lot of low-quality content on this site when I was younger. I'm sorry. I currently play and run Pathfinder (1e) almost exclusively, though I am playing in one game of 5e and am happy to learn the system.

Having searched far and wide for a good place to create and share homebrew Pathfinder content, I settled on returning to the D&D Wiki once more (at least, semi-returning). Though I've mostly moved to Pathfinder and haven't played 4e in several years, I am quite happy with past-me's later 4e creations and might seek to "complete" them should I find the inspiration; until then, though, expect me to mostly create Pathfinder content once in a while. Apparently 20-year-old me has much less free time than 12- or 15-year-old me.

My Things[edit]


  • Twili: Based on the Twili race from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. (Progress: Paragon Paths);
  • Kor: Based on the Kor from Magic: the Gathering's plane of Zendikar. (Progress: Paragon Path)


  • Radiant Bloodline: Just an attempt to make something based around my favourite League of Legends character.
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